Monday, November 10, 2008

photoshooting for my friend

after a while...I got things to post..dunno ler..dont feel like posting anything or talk to anyone recently...n got a script to rush n everything is depends this..whether I can get my job anot.. friend is selling clothes on her website, but she didnt give me the website yet n. Because we only shoot pics for like...3 of her clothes...we only have 1 hour on that day to take pics n our theme is 'sweet' set was my own somemore..cause others doesnt really match me..hehe

here r the pics

the only pic that 3 of us can take together

heading to playground

so damn sunny!

wear white really good...cause can reflect the light on yourself


can see the diff le gua..haha..but my frindge caused shadow also la


my fav pic

calefe la...tekan salah so behind blur d

they want me to pose like this n take pic cause they said nice

change to another playground

 nice when u r tat skinny...take pic look nicer

I like this pic cause I dont even know my fren has take this pic...usually I look ugly when I dont have expression on my face

I love this pic too cause it look soooo dreamy :D

omg!!! its like skeleton with a piece of meat...haha

this give a lesson to gals that dont take pics with ur skinny frens if u think u r fat

PS this pics r just to share with u trying to sell those dress..I want also cant cause not enuff stuff to let u ppl choose also...but if u r interested in those shirts..pls do not hestitate to leave a comment to tell me that u r interested...still have other kind of style with my frens


tillUfeeliketalkinagain said...

nice pics!! :) and very pretty tOo...

vOon said...

thanks for understanding that I dont feel like chatting in msn yet :)

wei feng& yann said...

ehh.. i'm a professional k...