Monday, July 13, 2009

Malacca Trip Part 1

woohoooo....such a long time that I didnt go for a trip (HELLO....Krabi trip was just 3 months ago....)ok...sorry...I mean 1 day trip

Sometimes I prefer going to places that I have been to, so that I can see the difference? or somehow get back some memory that makes you feel like it just happened yesterday

Ok, so my and my colleauges headed to Malacca for FOODSSS!! its totally a trip for food though cause we really non stop eating...

the sky is so clear n blue...which damn hot

the power of day light make all the pics look so beautiful...

and can clearly see how dirty of some thing

but still...

I love the sky

then we saw this...and we thought its some kind of a F&B factory or restaurant...

its....KINGS......hotel...really so 'King'

of course...we got the pretty gals :)

Firstly we went to support our OneFM event (wan fun tian)

after that we headed to somewhere nearby to eat fried noodle

its always feel so good to have coke..especially in the summer (which mean 24/7 in Msia la)

the fried noodles damn nice! especially when you include the vinegar they got on the table

straight after we finished the fried noodle, we went to buy this cake. It is quite famous in Malacca with it uniqueness way of doing a cheesecake. You know like 'qian cheng gao' damn lot lapis those kind of kuih cost RM8.50 per piece man! luckily I'm not really a big fan of sweet stuff.

The funny this is, they bought the cakes and brought it to the satay place which is like few shops away. Means while we all are eating the cake, should say right after eating the cake, we eat the la..the satay still taste very nice...the hangus taste...NICE

the gals...

n the guys...

can see that our office mmg full of gals


for both... the satay and the pretty gals

and ya, right after that meal...AGAIN...we went to eat steamboat...satay style? cause we just take what we went example like fish balls, vege, sotong etc etc...

and everyone's favorite it this...

si ham...the way to eat it is..dont cook too it while it is half fresh

but my favorite is this the pork ball...damn niceeee!! until I forgot to take the pics :p

but we took pics with the star..coz it looks so cute

guess wat..we didnt eat it at the end of the day :p



ok....end of the eating session cause we really ate too much...before heading to Jongkka, we went to the beach for a walk to digest our food first...


will be on the 2nd part of the Malacca trip :p stay tune..

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