Wednesday, July 08, 2009

memory of Melbourne

I’m missing Melbroune!

This sentence is so weird when it come out from my mouth. I remember how I used to hate Melbourne so much, but not until that I am going to leave soon. But still, if you want me to be a residence there, I wont cause I still love Malaysia, it’s not say that Melbourne it’s not good, but my family and friends are all here, and I grew up here so I live like a Malaysian d.

Still this post supposes to be a post that how much I miss Melbourne. There’s so many things actually…you can see all the imageshere . It’s like when I think of Melbourne, I will start missing this. Or when I thought of some object, I will miss Melbourne.

Because there is so many of my first time happened in Melbourne. My first time being independent at a total NEW country for me.

The first thing I will remember forever is that I saw shooting star at my favorite place – the small little garden behind the house I stayed. I can sit there for hours, just looking at the sky. I missed the clear sky that filled with stars and clouds, also the moon and sometimes shooting star, with the very cold wind (I LOVE WINTER). But all these will not be perfect if I don’t have my cigarette and my ipod with certain songs with me.

1st time cooking....not maggi mee that kind of cook ok

ya my frens...I dont eat those tomatoes...but no housemate wan it :p

The first time seeing ICE fall

The first time seeing so many ang moh

The first time cooking for myself...and also other..cook not maggi tat kind of cooking ok

These are just few dishes that I often cooked..not few tat I know ah..its few tat I OFTEN cooked..haha..u can ask me for the recipe :p

My first time so addicted to sweet food...because it's KRISPY KREME!!!

First time studying soooo~~~~ hard....literature, philosophy, film...bla bla bla

this is just half of it

n this is another half of the desk

Yup, once I study damn hard then my desk will be as messy as what you seen from the pics

First time to Movie World!!

First time to feel the WINTERRRRRR~~~

n see the SNOW!! although it might be the fake wan la..haha

and the AUTUMN...start loving it

There are still sooooo many thingssss...cotton on! cheap clothing! trams! corned beef! 1 post not enough ler...

AAWWWWW…I have no mood to work d…and I guess I can listen to MYMP – Especially For You, for the whole day…and whole day also in missing Melbourne mood.

YA RIGHT…dream on…still gotta work T_T

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