Monday, July 20, 2009

Malacca Trip Part 2

Yup, I gotta be rational now and stop being emotional on losing the post of Malacca trip part 2 (actually still very dulan)..hai…suen la..

So here it goes…as mentioned in the part 1, we went to the beach to exercise awhile first after filling our stomach full to the max, which is a good choice. We lepak there for awhile

macam some pageant show

so good if we can stay here

cause can have this view just right in front of u once u wake up :)

or to see the pretty gals posing :p

but sometimes pose too much will become sot...

starting from this pic

fat hao-ing

extra fat hao-ing


group pic

n its time for me to be the photographer for group pic :)

this is what I call the 'big picture', cause you can see in front and behind the scene of taking a picture..hahaha


love this pic although I look like a frog here T_T

like the kid that being ignored by everyone..wuahaha

this guy here damn hardworking...and geng cause he can explain what he is doing to us just like a tourguide

looking for cacing

and sell 5kg for only RM5?!...sometimes we really should appreciate where and how we live

nice view along the roadside at night...too bad I'm not using DSLR

even restaurant also so nice...

We headed to one of the mamak stall in Malacca to meet up with the colleagues which is on the le tour digerai, one of HotFM’s event.

I am so glad we went there cause the curry fish!! Omg!!!!! Its freaking nice…the feeling is like I ate the beef noodles in Krabi trip. Anyway, they also have other foods of course which is also very delicious.

this is the curry fish...damn nice!!!

their satay also very nice! better than the one we ate ealier

my Malacca friend said this place always have those clubbers hang out after they finsih go ask ur malacca friends where izit :p

Straight after makan, we walked to Jongken street. Of course we didn’t go for a heavy meal, just makan cendol, this and that. Then we hang out in the pub. I really love the pub here, its like a big family with people from around the world no matter they are white skin, yellow skin or black skin. The cutest thing I like on that day were the aunties that dance along the music/singer. My Malacca friend of course also don’t mind showing off his ‘unique’ dancing skill. Love their culture of being so…its just so fun and happy seeing that, a kind of happiness deep inside.

so got feel...

at the pub

camera sot again...vibrate non stop

so match and white..even the face oso look alike

ini fake punya...later kena scold if I didnt clarify that..haha

this one ah...u think urself ler

no comment ..hahaha

sexy ladiesssss

aunties dancing...

pls watch!! damn funny

After the pub, we went to club..haha…ohya..was so embarrassing wearing tat TOP and SHORTS, plus the SANDALS….kena said I’m underage somemore T_T…so cant really get high on that night with those kinda old style music…luckily I have my sot colleagues to cheer me up…love them *hugs*

Went to yam cha after finish clubbing, which is like around 2something d…so we reached hom e around 4something (by driving 140-160km) please don’t follow or even try it, especially midnite or nite, or anytime actually :p but the highway damn straight..kinda kesian also la

Although reached home also damn tired d, but overall I really enjoyed the trip, laughers and joys all the way. So, when and where is the next trip?

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