Tuesday, July 28, 2009

第三者 3rd Party





小双 Coby真的有够可爱的!你看这张相片,像不像在微笑着?

小凯 Eh!!真的好可爱!我家的Pearly也是很可爱。你看它,睡觉时一定四脚朝天的。

小珍 对对对!Pearly每次都是那样睡觉的!真的很好搞笑但又很可爱。







White interior with purple decorations, sweet and quiet environment was covered by the enjoyment of these 4 ladies. Adele, Mandy, Belle, Jacky.

Mandy and Belle always share everything of them, so Jacky only talks when it is time for her. Adele would like to be the silent one.

Today Belle is talking about her dog, which Mandy is very interested in as she is a dog lover and having few dogs. Jacky is so outsider for this time. Not to say that she is not a dog lover, but since after her dog passed away 2 years ago, she did not have another pet so far. Still she does not hesitate to involve herself in their conversation.

Belle : Coby is so cute! See this picture, does it look like he is smiling ?

Mandy: omg…so cute! My Pearly also damn cute. You know, she always sleep with her body facing

up…like kena shoot you know.

Jacky : Yea! Pearly is so funny with that sleeping pose but yet still so cute!

Not even Jacky finishing her line, Belle and Mandy already doing what they are doing.

How do you feel, if you are Adele, like an outsider seeing everything happens…watching the tv.

Don’t know why I just feel so sad and lonely after seeing this kind of situation happened.

I guess everyone faced this kind of situation before. When you’re almost finish your line but others already doing other stuff, you are just like talking to yourself.

Whenever this kind of situation happen, I will feel sad and lonely kind of awkward. That is why I rather be Adele, if can I just want say nothing..but can I?


Anonymous said...

Nice post~

vOon said...

thanks :)
that motivates me to really start to write a 'novel' :p