Saturday, July 04, 2009

Daddy...happy birthday

ok, I dont have the name of the foods coz i dont even have the chance to see the I dont plan to post the pics of the food...

Well, yesterday was my dad's birthday, I cannot have the chance to take leave plus gonna work OT somemore, which I worried that I cant join them, but luckily at last I get to...I wont wanna miss any gathering of my family, especially where all of them are there

so we went to 'shui shang ren jia'.

eh..should not start with this pic 1st


tofu..not a fan so I didnt try

'zu giok' (pork's leg)...NICE..especially those crispy parts

although I'm a meat lover, but this chicken I think...its just ok


ok..this is no belong to me

'ham dan crab'

here comes my favorite!!

ya..its the sauce...this sauce really no name wan, but I just love it..wanna intro to u comes with the prawn

I was just kidding not posting those foods' pics :p soh meh, wanna share nice food I dont care! eventhough I dont know the name

bro n mom

its like I'm younger than him its good or bad?

parents and uncle aunty

they said mummy act cute in this pic..haha

do I really look like my mother?

happy birthday again to the birthday MAN

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