Friday, August 21, 2009

He's my man

At last, I found a man I wanted since I was young. A man that keep his promises no matter what, never ever break his promises…no matter what happens…but sadly, this man does not exist.

Ya, he do not exist in this ‘real’ world but the world of Walt Disney – Up.

Yup, it’s the old grumpy man that you all saw on the trailer or billboard and so on…

WARNING : If you do not want to know what the movie is about, DON’T read this. I can sure that that will spoil

your mood of watching it..but maybe also give you more thoughts on that. So is depends on you

So I went to watch ‘Up’ yesterday. I will make this movie the best movie of the year..seriously!! other than Wall-E, this is another best movie..and this is even better than Wall-E (both are the same story writer anyway)

One point I wanted to make for this movie. I never have this kind of feeling before. Because of some reason that I can get to watch movies quite often, so we do watch a lot of trailers of some coming soon movies too. I remember when ‘Up’ 1st trailer…its very short, mostly are just showing the old man with the flying house and the small kid.

While the date is getting soon to the premier, there’s another longer trailer. At that time, I have another feeling towards this movie. The feeling is indescribable, it’s just…wow…

So, at first I didn’t get to watch this movie due to some reason, but at the last minute I get to watch…due to some reason again…maybe its fated :p I was sooooo happy…just don’t know why that I have the feeling that I MUST watch this movie.

I never regret watching ‘up’. Never ever. I totally have another kind of view of how a movie can run it like this. First telling how his (Mr. Fredrickson) goal happen as usual, but something end so early in the movie that makes us feels so weird.

Ok, I know its hard to understand from the words above. This is how… he met an adventure girl, they have the same wish, then they get married, they still having the same wish, they live like everyone else, same routine every day, then they got old, she got sick, and then she died. WTF?!?!!?

I know!!!! When I watching allthese, passing so fast, I was like..omfg don’t tell me that it gonna end like this…ya…they did, its so not cartoon right, not even like a normal happy movie where there will be no good character die, maybe only at the end of the movie.

Ok, so the movie just go on by telling his adventure, which he cross his heart that he will make it happen!


Sorry, I guess I’ve been too emotional in this post. To be frank, in the cinema, I cried almost the whole movie, as long there are anything related to the grumpy old man and the wife. THE BEST PART IS, I still can have tears when I think back the scenes, maybe it is just SO touching. IT IS…

Maybe this whole post seems kinda kelam-kabut, cause I’m talking a bit here and there. But I really don’t know how to share the feeling with you guys, so I only can say that DON’T MISS THIS MOVIE. It’s really a nice one, especially guys, teach you how to be a MAN! :p sweet :(


babybunny said...

hey, just drop by randomly as i saw ur post at widget exchange. in fact, i was quite agree with ur points regarding this movie 'up'.. it was really touching!! i love tat movie too~ :)

vOon said...

yes it is!! so happy when know got ppl feel the same..hehe...then u got cry anot?

ah^kam_koko' said...

Going to watch this movie tomorrow!
Are you sure it teaches how to be a man?

vOon said...

hahaha...a man for me la...also for some woman..not sure ur woman would like this kind of man anot :)