Saturday, August 01, 2009

荒唐 absurd

It's 4.45, I was in the studio. forgot who is the person who stand beside me, just remember that I am waiting the sound engineer to finish the mixing.

It's back, the feeling of 'him' its back again, and its been a while that I did not met him.

I stand still, with no expression on my face. Thinking, why am I standing here, for what? why will I know these people standing beside me? why am I fated to stand here, work here? but no matter how many 'why' I ask, there's only why, that I live in this world?

Remember that I took philosophy course when I was still studying in Melbourne. One of the chapter its about absurd. I was surprise because I thought I am the only one who have that kind of feel, absurd. I dont know how to explain because this cant be explain by a post that in the blog, few sentences or few words. But if you ever have this kind of feeling before, I dont need to say a words but you'll know.

But why? why we are living in this world? For me, its just waiting to end our life. Since God has planned our life, although saying this does not mean that I am trying to demotivate you all, just my feeling.

But what is the meaning of saying this out? Actually there's no meaning. Just like I know what is the feeling, but I dont have the solution.

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