Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just K

wuaaahahha...after so long we get to sing again :P although my last sing k session was like...1 or 2 months ago..but that time was just really a short one...I think sang not until 5 songs also...

So me and Yann, Mei Lee and her bf also the brother went to this new Karaoke place called Just K which located at usual I dont have the details...yes I am a fail blogger but I dont know why that I should telling allthese since I'm not a food blogger or a sing k blogger or blogger...just a normal blogger that loves to write things but not information..hahahhaha...jk la...I mean...alot of things I really dont give a damn because we have YANN!! she is the organizer cause she is like our mobile phone, as in she seems to know people in no matter what kind of industry...included this try out the 'new' place for sing k session, we planned to go this place since she know people there plus the price its cheap! its by per room instead of per head. That day was Sunday and for a medium room, its like 15-18 per hour. that day we sang total 5 hours, its like RM80something...and devide by 5..which is less than RM20 :)

Let me tell you the pros n cons shall we?

1.To be frank, compare with red box and neway, the environment are just so in
design, maintainence bla bla bla..also...their sound system also can be improve, cause there are few times I rather stop singing because the music is too loud, kinda ignoring thou. I believe they can improve on that la.

2.Mics, only have two and we cant add more cause they only have to plugs for 2 mics.

3.They dont have remote control, so its touch screen, someone have to sit near the
screen to choose songs

4.Although they have the function of tuning down the volume, but we tried and it
seems doesnt work...ohya..the volume as in the music of the song, not the
mic...dont think there is the function to tune down the mic..or maybe we just dont
know..maybe u can tell us if u know :)

those are the cons, the prons is

1.the mic are so clear, although its kinda heavy

2.its cheap :)

3. those aquarium like 'k room' its kinda cute thou

4. they songs are quite updated...I guess at least they are more update to some

Under the situation like this, I dont know consider good or not, cause I cant tune down my mic's volume...which I usually do cause I have no confidence to sing infront of people...and that's why people always commented that they cant hear my voice...for this time, I heard my voice clearly which actually not in more got feel, cause if like usual I cant really hear my voice, seriously maybe I sing out of pitch d oso dunno.. :p

so here are the picsss

So this is how we choose the songs on the touch screen...

then Jia Hou (our ji mui) was playing with Yann's DSLR

and he is taking picture of me...this will be the new game to play gals!!

this game gotta play in the dark, or somewhere darker...surprise him/her with poses because they cant see while they are ready to take pics

so here are some stupid poses for him
at first serious..

no more starting at the 2nd pose

n vain...

n he failed...

but he did it :D

nah..see..Yann 1st shot only can take so nice..altot still got abit bit blur la..hehe

so JH wanna give it a try this time I have Yann to do tat with me :p

can see that he improve alot

so he's very happy :D

ML beh song cause she didnt get to join us

jk la..

love this like picture for some magazine

love this pic too...Yann so pweettyyy!!

when is my turn??

nvm...I can pretend that my hand is the mic last I get to have the real mic...n congrats to JH cause he finally got a 'good pic'

After seeing the pics...I only realize that...I mmg got lots of weird acts

best pic of the day!! taken by JH

These are what we call Aquarium K Room

this is how it looks like inside



dreamydolls said...

what's wrong with pweettyyy!!
u cannot spelllll PRETTY wan meh... hahahahahahah

wow.. that day we both really camwhore alot le.. when's next...... cant wait...

vOon said...

coz too pretty d until I dunno how to spell..hahaha

wats next ah..hai...u gotta cam whore urself d cause I just cut my hair so ugly I dont wan take pics lohhhh

dreamydolls said...

aiks... i don care la.... nvm.. i ask mei lee to join me.. LoL... so let's go for seafood....

vOon said...

jom jom...I love seafood!!! hehehe