Monday, August 17, 2009

Photoshoot at Putrajaya

since I've been writing so much late...this post will be just pics and some captions...wuahaha

So...its been a while that 'cotton rainbow' didnt have Yann suggested to have photoshoot at Putrajaya.

Althought its not a long session..but we all enjoyed..just like last time

Of course we gotta start with group photo first for warm up...

omg..when I see this pic I felt tat I look like a lesbian :p

emo it cause Im emo :)

love this pic too..although so contrast with the previous natural

Then we moved to another destination since that place doesn't have much scenery to take

we went to one of the Putrajaya bridge

Marilyn Monroe...wannabe :0

of photos again

n emo pics tears wan u know...

I zoom in for you...

can see?

can see?

nah...there's actually none :p

here come some sexay pics...

n also some pics I love...with more emo

legs look so huge here T_T

this is a weird pic...I mean weird pose

they said my eyes macam can talk...can you read what I'm trying to say?

today is monday!! we cannot have monday I wan to end it with a smile for you all...

happy working and happy weekdays :D

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