Friday, October 30, 2009

do you remember?

It’s nice to feel happy before going to sleep yesterday, and it’s nice to be happy and exited of what will be receiving today.

It’s not a present but something better than a surprise or presents. It’s all about memories : D

All the while, people posted their school pics in facebook, I always wanted to but I need something to push me. So I have this friend from primary school, she posted up the photos when we were standard 1 and 2, tagged me…and we all get to contact back each other. So this is something to urge me to post up all the class pictures I have.

It is so excited and happy to receive all the comments from each other, telling back what has happened in the past which a lot of us had forgot, even some can’t even recognize themselves from the class pictures…

Also some friends from kindergarten, although we were still young that time and can’t even know what we have done, but still there are the memories we had.

At the end of the day, we all thanks each other for bringing us back to the past…although we can’t turn back time, but the memories are never forgotten.

Can spot me? scroll till the very end for answer :p


2nd row – 3rd from right

2nd row – 2nd from left

1st row – 4th from right

3rd row – 4th from right

3rd row – 6th from right

3rd row – 5th from right

2nd row – 1st from left

1st row right beside the teacher! wuahaha

2nd row – 3rd from right

2nd row – 7th from left

3rd row – 3rd from right

2nd row – 3rd from left

haha...I actually can copy paste some of the words cause I almost stand at the same spot

So, for u guys that havent post up ur class pictures...why not give it a try...u will never know what will happen :)

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