Sunday, October 11, 2009

emo monday blue?

yay...lazy to type so lets 'enjoy' the picture :p

get tanned because of this photoshoot..but fun :D

I love how she mix the blueee

such a nice feel they gave

n then I give black face :p

yen started to be so good in posing seductive liao :p

I dont know why yen like this pic

photoshoped by yen

this is the original...which wan u think is nicer?

soooo niceeee!!


walao...I see this pic I feel like slapping lc...this pic I photoshoped abit by myself..still learning

love this pic sooooo much...kinda addicted to pose like tat d..


actually fixing the eye lashes la..hehe...hope these pics wont make u guys Monday blue's more blue :p

P.S no post will be happy picssss :D

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