Monday, October 05, 2009

Djians' gathering

Gathering…sometimes it will turn out good, but not every time.

I mean, of course its good to meet up with some old friends, but sometimes…I kinda feel awkward u know…FOR ME LA…coz I’m not a talkative person or very very outspoken kind of person. So, at lots of these kind of scenario…people happened to be with the same gang…again..just like me..ahahahah

But ok some diff coz some really long time didn’t meet up d…its nice to see them again J

Since its Djians’ gathering, of coz gotta find the location which is memorable for us – Jelutong.

I don’t know why Al – safar will name it to Jelutong, maybe they have the story. I’m not familiar with the place as I’m not a student that always ponteng…haahahaha…coz tat place its always the place for the students to yam cha there before class, after class or maybe oso at nite and included ponteng.

start with someone familiar in the blog 1st :p - Mei Lee

this one also familiar for alot of u kan :p

this amount of ppl was like..after 2 hours only get to see

she's actually asking about the recipe...not blocking her face..haha

I like this pic...macam 'gong hu dai lou' 江湖大佬

then his 'leng'

dont thought he give the 'innocent' face...actually he giving the cleavage :p

family photos

can see got 2 families here...on the left is single family..on the rite..not single family but broken family coz divorce d ..hahaha

emo pics...purely take it becoz of the background

same pose from last time

all wanna bok mong coz he had a big cleavage


the only group photo tat taken by the waiter there...


dreamydolls said...

it's call JELUTONG it's because.. IT USE TO CALL JELUTONG before syed abu take over la..ishh ishhhh... we always passby u also tak tau meh...

vOon said... ker..watever la..i think 5 fingers oso can count the amount I hanged out there :p
just because we ALWAYS PASSBY...tats y didnt realize..hahaha