Monday, October 19, 2009

sunny tuesday must be happy!!

yay happy my fren complimented me that I'm good in mean I'm a poser? hahahaha :p well...thanks to her although I dont think I am la..still got lots to learn :p

so that makes me feel more to post the part la, actually planning to post d

the previous part was those LC face this time are more to sunny happy pics...hope tat makes ur day :D

pai seh...emo again..there's more emo pics than happy pics :p

love the effects

oso emo-ing tim

this was the funny scene kan YANN!! haha

its really damn hot n sunny loh! 12pm

love this pic!!

photoshopped by yann


oki...last LC pic ya

take a deep breath!

dah happy!


can u see how nice its the sky?!

love it!!


love me love you yay yay yay!!

dah crazy ~.~


dreamydolls said...

apa la... show the ori and edited wan.. tak ada syiok jor lo... anyway... u wait for me diet la.. we both go be part time model.. let mei lee be our *kelingyan* instead... GOOD?

vOon said...

suen jor la...u diet jor then u can be not I can be model loh..wat u mean by kelingyan?
y cannot show ori n edited wan woh...let ppl see how nice is the edited wan mah..hehe