Monday, July 05, 2010

Choco Choco

I believe most of the ladies loves chocolates...and me myself cant resist as well although I'm not really a big fan of sweet stuff as I prefer something sour or salty.

So we...the ladies went to the chocolate buffet! which held at Bangi...

Remember I said 'the ladies' prepare for lots of cam whore section!

1st section -  in the car, while you are on a journey which take lots of time , why not take some photos with the beautiful sunlight and not wasted our make up...hahahahaha

no worries...I just posted 2 cam whore pics coz the post its still long

After like more than half hour, we were so excited to taste all the chocolates!! but when we saw the queue...we were -.-

I dont understand why we have to wait...main point its not that its damn sunny n not on tat day ( hot as in you can feel like getting burn by the sun and I am serious!!)
but boh bian...we gotta wait loh

wait = picture time!

macam model tak...or twin towers? haahaha

Actually I dont really go for the cam whore style in the take pics section while we are in public, coz confirm everyone its looking at u..I mean yea I know I am still in the group and obviously I do look like one...but ...yea

nah...that face is the look I am referring to...

Ok...the most du*** thing is what u know...cause we reached there around 1 something...and the reason why people are queue-ing..its because the staff having lunch time..we were lunch time?!?!?! r u serious or wat?

we tried to get in...then only we know that they shud be controlling the amount of the ppl who wanted to go in...but really cannot la...we need to rush for movie later...he asked us to wait for 1 hour there under the sun...but others went in they oso didnt said we dun give a damn d...

luckily we went in! coz...we expected the crowd...but we didnt expected that its actually this small..hahaha
we all thought that they will show the making of chocolates etc.

and I guess u all know what will happen in this kind of situation..which will make all of us ***king pissed...its cut queue!!! damn~~ I really hate those ppl cut queue d...still act like nth happened..this wan worst...ask their kids to cut queue..omfg!! so this is how those ppl educate their children - cut queue. I hope their kids wont grow up to be like thier parents.

ok...need some ice cream to cool down...but its not free -.-

all of us looked so happy with the ice cream :)

at last we get to collected all the chocolates 

ok...not this..this is for sell

allthese its for free!!!

its time to rush for the movie! and its a total mess in the car coz we had so many chocolates on our hands and we sweat like a pig..but still can take pic rite...I KNOW~ haha

we watched Shrek 3, its kinda boring at the beginning but its getting better n funnier...hou choi

after tat we went to makan our 'lunch' at almost this place named 'xian ding wei'. taiwanese food restaurant...

its picture time again while we are waiting....

well I guess while gals are together..we just love to take pics together...which guys will never understand...just like guys never understand why gals will go toilet together...hahaha

nom nom time!

this is the 'oh ah mee sua'

chicken porridge with some small dishes...and the soup its damn nice!

beef char kuay tiao in satay sauce

after lunch we went to take purikura - sticker photos!!

we all had fun and u can see that on our picssss...cant wait for more outing~~weeee~~~

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