Monday, July 26, 2010

Daddy's 60th birthday

 Daddy's 60th birthday!!

well for those traditional chinese ...we really take 60th birthday very important it is for us?
hm..imagine this kind of kiasi person will dare to fight for the chance with my boss that I must attend my dad's 60th birthday...tats how important it least for me...

of coz my boss also shud understand tat..if not she oso wont approve me to go d...why I need her approval was because at the same day I will have to leave KL to PD for company training...which we actually have to reached there by 5something in the noon...but my boss approved me to reach there as long its on the same day

ok..lets get back to the birthday celebration...

well my dad is a very low profile person so we didnt make it a big celebration...just invited our close relatives and his close frens...

1st picture of the celebration..and yea my dad is the one sitting in the middle (which beside the orange shirt)

while the elders are chit chatting...we the young ones are playing taking pics...while waiting for food...and both of my bro - younger and elder one are the photographer

this is with Canon S90...

ok...both of them took this at the same time wtf -.-

this is with my sis's cam...I forgot which brand I think its Nikon

another stupid pic

food at Cinta Ria are not bad at all (located around Damansara Jaya, outside Atria shopping complex)

n the people

me n my bf

mummy n the little brandon

with my aunt

my younger bro

n of coz with my nephew...little brandon..buts its never easy to take pics with him I wonder why...cause he used to love the camera last time

really damn hard -.-

luv this pic thou

once he guai guai sit down...must sekali shot take few


oki! its time for the birthday song...I mean the family pics and the cake! : D

the family

the siblings

brandon wanna eat the cake so badly...see his hand

so hard to take pics of us and the cake..coz Brandon cant stop looking at the cake and wanna grab it!

see his eyes omg! he's aiming the cake!

at last he got it! COOKIE~~mm mam mam mam mam mam mam

the cake missing 2 oreo

after he makan..its time to play with his drug toy...once he got it he will have this face...numb jor

good oso...easier to take pics with him..hehe

I enjoyed the celebration with my family although I cant stay there for the whole nite..

but my family will always be the 1st place in my heart...LOVE YA ALL~~~

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