Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Theme is...

So, did you get to guess my theme for my dream girls shooting from this post? some of you might get it right :) ...well let me reveal  to you...

1 picture by 1 picture.....hahaha..

give some patience first...if u cannot tahan then u can scroll down geh 

well..yes...i'm on my way to 'my dream girl' shooting and I have to reach there around 12.30...of course we bertolak earlier as we have no idea where is the place..we just know its somewhere around cheras -.-

no make up as they will do it for us...wee~~

will go straight to the shooting instead of telling how we sorta got lost nearby the shooting area :p

and yay~~ I' ve reached the's damn nice seriously!

they were still shooting for another dream girl which themed pretty mama....

these are the settings....

for us to hang our outfits...see tat 2 shoes down there anot...mine punya..hahaha

and of course for the sponsors - Lucido and ROC

well after lunch...its my turn to shoot~~~ so excited~~~~~~

at first the assistant of Xiao Kai lao shi help me to cover my dark circles before I go on air...
his name is ah lun and he is so nice...he taught me lots of tips on how to cover my dark circles!! the shooting started..

come out introduce myself...what theme are they giving one of the main reason they giving me the theme its because they want to see this drastic change in u have any idea that what is so not me will be on me...haha

maybe u can get some clue from the make up and hairstyle :)

its so nice and happy to have xiao kai lao shi and tony lao shi to dolled me up~~~

xiao kai lao shi was so focus while he is doing the make up...even he too sweat like a pig cause the light its so hot

I guess its quite obvious d rite...what theme i'm having....

its time to reveal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

its punk + rocker~~~

interviewing me about my feelings on the changes

group picture~

someone its not having the theme with us...the local artist said she wan to attract all the attention so she wore it this way and purposely make it different from us...hahaha

I love FAYEE~~~ she's so nice..I bliv all the dream gals have the same thought...she is the one who always make us feel comfortable and not so gan jiong...and she never act like she's someone damn famous or wat...and of course same goes to all the gurus...they are no nice...not 'diva' at all~~~

after the shooting...its 'shooting time' again....weee~~

really thanks to xiao kai lao shi...he's like the prince charming for all the gals there...with the height + body + face...we all fall in love with him d...and he's so nice!!! cause I dont have any accecories...xiao kai lao shi took out those punk accecories he's wearing at tat time and help me to wear ittttt!!~~~ can we not love him~~~

of course we love Tony lao shi too...he's so frenly and down to earth~~

 of course I also want to thanks my parents for fetching me there, waited for me in the studio and help me took the photos~~ best parents ever~~

ohya..and of course not to forget gurus punya assistants....lee wei and ah hao (assistants of tony lao shi)...they did all the jobs behind the scenes...for all of us

n ah lun aka Nelson...assistant of Xiao Kai lao shi (both of them look quite alike thou) haha nice of them...he helped me to gao dim my hair so I wont go bk with my 'kua jiong' head..haha

oh yea...I saw Jeff there, used to be my ex colleague...he did not recognize me at first..haha...he also said if we all know, he shud be my guest for my theme! better still cause we all know each other...I think so too!! he's one of my idol anyway

going bk home.....

so tiring and exhausted~~ but I'm so happy and excited for the whole experience..thanks everyone for making it happened~~

stay tune ...last post will be our press conference :)

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