Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Memory Land 回忆乐园

When you can have the chance to go a place...where will you go?

a place that will give you memory..or the place that gave you memories?

well..of coz both rite..hahaha

but today I'm gonna post a place, a place we all will have lots of memories there, and the place we all would always wanna go our primary school

Mine, was S.R.J.K (C) Yuk Chai

How desperate I wanted to go back? yea I use the word desperate as I am really desperate to go back. It is so near to my house, but for more than 10 yrs, I have no chance to enter and walk around and take pic around...I even dreamt so much of my primary school...

and here, at last I can come to my primary school again! and its because of the charity event.

this is what you saw, after u enter..the place we used to have perhimpunan

the building where the canteen and library located

ok...I still have the : D although the building doesn't look this big and new when I left (DUH)

ah! I forgot to take the pic of all the corridor! its really a memory for me and I always dreamt about tat :(

but luckily I get to take a pic, a place which still look exactly the same as last time...the toilet near the canteen..hehe...I guess this is a place where all of us remember for sure, cause its the nearest toilet to the canteen wat..haha

and this is the place where most of the gals will lepak...I guess its because of the stone there..and its still there!!! *at the rite bottom side of the pic*

walk along, you will see the place in between the buildings, we used to play badminton here..wonder its still the same anot

then is the newest building before I left the school...where the computer rooms located.

and we used to train here for basket ball when its raining...(yes...we trained no matter sunny or rainy days)

贩卖部...its still the same!! but its still new la when I left...

Then is the 'new' basket ball court..well Yuk Chai actually have 2 basket ball courts, where this is the one which is not so fully equipped

meriah nyaaa

old class mate...which oso my longest fren la...from 9 yrs old till now still ji mui..hahaha

renovations...the hall and...I cant remember wat is tat on the left d, what I remembered was actually the place for our kemahiran dont know..i just know they going to make the hall bigger..and maybe with aircond?? hahaha...I remember the hall damn hot wan loh!!

ah~~~ I used to run here and trained here for the olahraga!! miss the grasssss~~~

and this look just like the 1st time I ran for my rumah during our sports day!!  memories~~~

Canteen!! wee~~ although most of the things we used to sit on the loonngg loonggg table and loongg loonggg its long but not in wood..I wonder how they sit on this when the weather its damn hot leh

so many things changed... :(

but the noodles are still so cheap!

n there are still kids sitting on it like how we used to :p

n the soft drink counter!!!! but u know wat...I realized tat my butt its too big to fit in the queue -.-

er...this thing..obviously very new loh..haha

the library...from what I looks totally different...

n the lift....LIFT! omg -.- I really cant imagine that...well I mean I cant imagine that before I see it and now I even experience it...

I still prefer the stairs thou

my standard 6 class!! damn its locked and I cant get to walk near

and the many memories here...

till then, hope I still have the chance to visit Yuk Chai and take lotsa pics ...

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