Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dream Of My Dream Girl

This will be the last post for ' My Dream Girl' cause its the press conference itself. Yes...really mm seh tak...cause in this whole shooting I get to know alot of new so happy bout it..and of coz get to have the makeover by the gurusss

early in the morning.I mean EARLY - 6.30 -.- but yea..coz we gotta make up this n tat

while we are waiting for the make up artists and crews...we all go take pics n get crazy around..haha..tats wat I like bout them.

Vivieen...another nice gal...pretty, charming and wonder everyone like her~~

our picture before makeover being projector-ed 

we just want to take pics at every single corner...haha..tats how we crazy around and pass our time

but we will be serious too..while we get to make up...hehe

after make up...then

hair do

dont u think the lake outside its such a nice view?

she die die oso dun wan let us take her pic coz she said her hair its too messy

our outfits...

then we take pics again as we are waiting for the press conference to start...

then they arranged us on how we should present ourselves in the press conference...and I was the first one to go out -.- seriously I dont like to be the 1st wan, I prefer to be the last one cause I really worry I will do the wrong thing and that will be so malu loh...hai....

mou barn fatt...have to act confidence and go out, catwalk and go onto the stage..let ppl take pics etc.

luckily the time passed so fast..teehee~~

this will be the last time and post to thanks all the people that involved in this shooting...I really had a great experience!! thank you all ~~

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