Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Day

Family day =  no make up day...
hahaha... just for your info in case u kena scared by my pics..coz I was still sick (fever+flu+cough+not enuff sleep = face cannot see) 

no pictures was taken until we went to Swensens for desserts~~

as if he know how to read...hahaha

my scary face...cause she is ordering all the SWEET flavor...damn sweet favorite from Swensen its always the lime shorbet

 picture time

so fake lo him, so far away oso know im taking picture of him..ish

'siong din' d

pics of us

my younger bro..i dunno how to name this face...

Apple crumble...Im not sure but I guess this is not new right? cause I only order 'earthquake' when I am in Swensens.

very fast, its almost finish d

mummy dun wanna care about brandon d, desserts its her priority :p cannot 'zap su'
like mother like wonder why I dont like sweet stuff

mummy trying to take pic for us...both pic oso fail -.-

this my face kena block

this my sis look kinda fat :p

so she rather take by herself ...which is better!

 my mom still dun wanna give up...hahaha

 fast finish jor :( i only have few bites loh :(

obviously..she's the desserts' devil -.-

ohya, one thing I wanna n my family were actually had fun and so happy..but this aunty so disgusting!!! we were actually waiting for the waiter to pass us back the credit card and the bil, then this asshole fat ass low class aunty rite..OMG!! can u imagine while we are still sitting there, she just stands beside us, hang her hand on one of the chair somemore...OMG OMG OMG!! why there's such a person exist in this world wan!! its not tat we dun wanna leave oso -.- so boh bian la, we all (half of us which is like 3) went to the counter there to take back the credit card lo...I still cant not sure whether other of them feel embarrassed for her anot as there's no one doin the same thing like her...if I am one of them I sure wanna dig a hole n hide in it lo!! argghhhh~~~ spoiled everything d... n my family still had fun thou : D its been a while that we didnt get to gather all of us to go out about u? no matter how, remember to spend time with you family :) coz they are the one who always be there for u

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