Monday, September 06, 2010

Sexy is her name

yes...just like the title...u will never see a sexy lady like her...she can pose anytime...i mean ANYTIME! pics will prove..if u've been one of my reader for some time u shud know...
n this post was her birthday, which we celebrated at the 21, Changkat.

before that, we went to makan at this place call The Magnificent fish n chip...its damn nice!!!!

let me introduce the dishes to u...but I dont know the name..hahaha :p

from left - cherry salad, baked salmon, baked bread....

LOL...ok...of course its our pic 1st while we are waiting for the dishes to come rite :)

n its always the best thing for us vain gals to do while waiting for the food to come :D

 going to introduce u the tiger prawn :D

the fish n chips

n this is the fav dish we all loveeee~~~ it is so nice to eat with the garlic bread

n the boss was so nice, at first he asked us whether we wan more garlic breads cause I think we only have 2 slices. Then he bagi us like 6 slices lo after that, n its FOC! we only know after we got the receipt...thank u boss : D

rite after our dinner, we went to 21...not much to say coz most of the time we were just chit chatting and take pics..but 1 thing I need to mention here is the service here. really cannot compare with the waiters from 'The Magnificient Fish n Chips'.

The Magnificient Fish n Chips
- you can ask the waiters to change the dish. But the small wan la of we dont want the salad as the side dish and we request for prob for them..I bet u cant get this from some of other restaurant
- there are always there for u...they will be there real fast when u raise up ur hand : D
- n the most important thing for me is..they always have smile on their tat u eat oso nicer la
- n they free us garlic bread : D ahahaha..

Changkat 21
- well..maybe not all of them but there is this waiter with spec, quite yong sui wan..damn!
the way he talked its not polite at all, or u can say it rude. even the nicest person among us also cannot tahan.
- its damn hard 2 order stuff from them...but got 1 thing they DAMN fast! which is chasing us off...damn fast can!! its like RITE AFTER we pay d..then they told us to leave...must be reasonable abit loh, we wont die die stay there if its not needed...

ok..i dun wanna talk bout angry stuff jor..lets see the pic

typical pose for Hui Wen and us...the one who take the camera to cam whore..not the gals only..even the guys oso kena..hahaha

 face looks so dirty

siu di di but look so old..

not only beside me..even beside mei chin oso look old la him...

time for the poserrsssss

this is hilirous!! imagine I am the one who was infront of him and all of the sudden he did tat...

best pair of posers award must give them d..

see...I do oso fail..not as natural as them...hahaha

she actually was surprised by us coz we got her the cake..haha

happy dou

sexy said she was so mabuk..its her 1st time mabuk on her one! but she still can pose -.-

kesian de driver..hahahaahhaahha..or kesian me coz she bok mong me while I sitting beside her tat time..hai....

but we all had fun ~~ next is Mei Chin's turn - flaming BMW~Myvi~Kancil~......

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