Friday, September 24, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding Part 1 - Choices

Sorry my's been awhile that I did not update my blog, just back from HK few days ago, attended a close fren's wedding and actually had some thoughts after that and wrote a post, but I guess it's not suitable to post that yet..teehee :) 

we were so pai seh becoz we actually gotta go at 12pm, but because we wanted to wait for mc.value lunch, we waited till 12pm and bought our lunch! feel so bad for the future bride

we find it rude to makan inside the bridal house, so we tried to finish it in the car...

yes...its sexy wong po ser again..haha

 we macam advertising for Mc.D :p

and we were actually in a kancil...looks big rite...hehe

n yes, we joined the couple and the see what kind of style she is goin to choose

the package she for from the wedding fair it's actually not bad

Brand - Touch Group
2 culture cotumes, 2 dinner dress and 3 wedding dress (just for photoshooting)
not sure what she getting for the exact day of her wedding day (not I getting marry mer) hehe for the package it's actually around 4-5k, but usually you can get great bargain from those wedding fair, which she got it for RM2k++ for this package

saw the pics in the photo album, that's what she chose for the photoshooting (2 culture costumes)

and now she is choosing her bridal dress (from the VIP and VVIP category)

but end the ji mui are more excited than her and chose the dresses for her...esp Mei Chin.

we actually joked on her that next time her visits her will save a lot of time as she already know what type of dress she is going for...hahaha

and while we waiting for the bride wannabe to get change, we cam usual

and yes I know we are actually vain enough to take a pic of ourselves on the big big mirror in front of us...weee~~

I actually love this dress on her slim n long body...but at last she gotta 'abandon' as she is goin for something nicer~

example - something liek this, its kinda hard for her to give up on this dark blue dress...can see her face that she love it very much...

Due to the copyright, we actually are now allowed to take pics of her wearing the gown, so I guess it's better not to post here, if any of you wanted to know more about it..maybe you can contact them : D

well, the time we spent there it's actually shorter than what we've expected, around 3something like that we are done! maybe we dont realize it as we all are so excited and chit chat during the whole session...

and since it's still early, me, yen and hui wen went for manicure and pedicure...
before that yen wanted to have some snack and we went to this place at Kota Damasara (sorry I forgot the name...oopss) but the place we went for manicure it's 'I Care Nail Spa'

it's her first time to have pedicure...see her face so excited but nervous at the same time...

I really like their service, and they are very friendly too...and of course the price is very reasonable (and even cheaper than other manicure shops)
Both manicure and pedicure it's only RM60!!
if you add 1 more color (for 10 fingers), it's only another RM10

I did French manicure and pedicure that day - which cost me RM70~~love it

you can get for information here.

back to the wedding stuff - my fren is going for shooting on the 24th Sept! wish her luck and I will post more photos of her and more posts about her pre wedding stuff will be coming...till then and have a lovely weekend : D

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