Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Euro Deli

 Euro Deli~~

It's been a while I haven't been there..the last time I went I think it's few years ago loh...till I dont even know it's renovated d used to be so small and now its like 4X bigger...which located at Damansara Kim

and this time I was there for my bro's celebration

dad n mom

the bday boy..he's actually my younger bro but most of our friends or strangers tot he is older than me..hehehe

I love the new Euro Deli, well I mean new in my eyes

it's so spacious

Nuernbrger Bratswurt and Kassler Ham

Aalpler Macaroni (Swiss Mountain Macaroni)

I love this so much but too bad I just recovered from my fever and I have no appetite to finish the whole plate :(

Gemischte Roast Platte
this is not really my thing la..haha

 Potato Skin with cheese and bacon

this is my favorite!!! love it~~

I hope one day I can try their Matterhorn burger - the biggest, baddest burger in Malaysia...wee~~

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