Thursday, October 28, 2010


 Yea yea I know Raya was like few weeks ago...but well my main point of this post is to show how me and my lovely colleagues celebrate the celebrations with our costumes on...ngek ngek

it was the company's open house and the whole company actually will have to be involve...well why not? free foods and so happening...and the theme this time was 70s

before heading to the location (which is just downstairs of our office), we all was already taking pictures all around

look like ji mui anot :p

new face in the blog

the didi zais

the perfect gal - Mandy~

after enough of taking pics around...its time to makan~~

I actually asked my colleague to take this full body pic for me..cause one day I wanna show my daughter this picture and said you will have to maintain ur body at least till 24 n wear this baju kebaya, just like ur grandma (my mom) pass this to me..hahahaha

also we went for our meeting

we can just take pics every where..haha

aiseh...whoever take pic with her oso look ugly i think..haha

cute cute de Sumi~

she's Suki, our datin...we look like her maid rite..haha

not only 2..she got 8 of us :p


so nice...she got the skinny face even I sat behind my face still look chubby :(

hunny madu~

1st time kidd take the pic till so nice..haha *like

 colleagues said I look like air I? haha...cause I used to think to be one lo..haha..and one of my colleague even said this baju kebaya look like the Indonesia airline wan...but I cant get to find the image...but anyway..salute to my mom cause her body its really damn nice and luckily I got bit bit of her gene, hahaha...I feel so happy that I actually can fit this baju kebaya cause I always wanted to have something that my mom can pass to me, and I can pass to my daughter...

hope you guys did enjoy the post :) till then~~

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