Monday, July 04, 2011

Sri Lanka Trip Day 1 Part 2

I met two new friends in Sri Lanka. They are very nice and cute!! So I thought to introduce them to you~

little squi~

and choco!!!

Little squi very notty, I cant really see her (my six sense tell me that its a her..LOL) in that hotel, but choco its really a very cute little dog, and its a he. He is really so cute~ and friendly..whenever we go..we can see him around~

before we prepare for our annual dinner..we went 'romance romance' at the beach..

no...of course not romance with him...

and for sure not him too...this 2 guys were me bodyguard during the trip..haahaha

and sometimes photograpther~ ngek ngek ngek...pai seh la :p

 romantic walk...of course is with him~

like I said he just follow us anywhere..or only me? hehe :p

ok..its time to get prepare for our annual dinner..and this is the time where I can take some pictures to show you how spacious and beautiful the hotel is...

this is the very big mirror in the toilet..

so spacious neh~

this is the part where I love most...the glass between the sofa and bath tub

not to forget the balcony too

I love these~

after took a shower and dolled up myself..feel so refresh and comfortable

we were asked to gather at this place for our performance later...

 nothing to we take pictures as usual~

 a HE!! damn beautiful can!!!

No point I show my company performance pics rite..haha...

overall we all had fun!! but something bad of the customer complaint that we are too noisy WTF!! seriously he spoilt all our mood! he even somehow scolded our bosses...damn him -.-

our bosses are good enough, and of course the hotel people are kind enough..they arranged us to the beach, so we wont disturb the customers in a way...ohyea~ they are very nice to even prepared fireworks for us!!!

Although we were chased out from the hotel lobby, but yet we all had fun and just enjoy every moment together...this is why I love my colleagues~

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