Thursday, July 21, 2011

The New Old Old New Me


This will be a very very very vain post and lots of vain pics of if you dont feel like continue it then you better dont :p but if you are curious how much I can continue reading this :p

Let me start with a very vain pic to piss you off first! wuahahaha

told ya its a vain post right.. XP I wanna act cute although I am 25 but I wanna act like 15~~~

Ok la...I shall start with my topic, which is my hair
Yes yes I know, its all about the hair again...but seriously I really felt that a haircut can totally change a person's look..I'm having a very very short haircut now, which is kinda still disturbing me cause I still not use to it yet although I having this haircut for almost more than a month

Slowly, I kinda miss my long hair... :( 
Actually its been a while, around 3 1/2 years I have short hair (wow, that's really long) until I didnt even notice.
Yes I memang 'fan zin', whenever my hair length is until my waist, then I itchy itchy go cut my hair short...I think when I had my longest hair was the year of 2007, while I still in australia. No money to cut hair is a good way to save money and keep your hair long.

long until I tied it up, it still looks long..hehe

long is good, to cover my fats and ugly face while I just back from Melbourne. One of my photographer friend good enough to take photos for me...THANK YOU

After few the year of 2008 September, I decided to cut it short...


then very short again~

longer!! abit

then after 1 year my hair is long!!!!

ok Im just joking, actually this is my hairstyle now -.- shortest I ever had~~~

arrgghhh...actually I force to have this haircut de :( cause I promise myself and my friends saying that my haircut before this short haircut will be my last haircut cause I wanna keep my hair long d...I WANT!!

I want my hair to be like this!!!

so lady like..its even easier for me to...take pictures..haha.. even my photographer friends said so ok...sigh

CAN I CAN I CAN I?? Anyone wanna sponsor me do hair extension?

End of vain post. kthxbai

PS : I didnt go for plastic surgery (after plastic surgery only this standard really a big fail), its all about make up


Samsung said...

bring back the long hair pls!!! pls pls, i can sponsor the hair extension!! but i like natural hair like your natural beauty lo

vOon said...

Samsung - extension so expensive la!! more than 500 something lo :(
hehe..thanks for the compliment :)