Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sri Lanka Trip Day 3 & 4

Another early morning!!

Seriously I'm not a morning person, so I would say it would either make my day or ruin my day, which depends on my mood.

We are going for day tour again so we have to get up early, which most of us only had few hours sleep (I wonder how that can make my day). Luckily my temper is still ok that day, maybe I'm too tired and I macam slumber abit...

I think can see from this picture, so nice I have no '杀气' because still sleepy..hehe

I did not do any effect on this pictures, it's the lens, guess it cannot tahan the temperature

Off we go~~~ instead of walking around, we were in the bus most of the time...

its very easy to differenciate...when u see raindrops on the window..those are in the this

This was taken outside the bus...

obviously this was from inside...

and at last!! we are free~~ somewhere we can get off from the bus and take some pictures...

then we went to a places that sell tea~

the packaging are all so tempting...

they even have this corner..old school~

something happened..and we have to we just get ourselves some ice creams while waiting...

and while waiting...we take lots of pictures~~ not only me k..everyone is taking pictures..told ya its a nice thing to do to pass time

and we are playing scissors paper stone with our leh..yes..the scissors   leg is my leg :p you try it and let me know whether u did it or not

MCDONALDS! first time I went to a country which I have not visit before but not having the chance to try their MCD

no MCD but our lunch was served at a place..looks like a restaurant

I hugged an elephant and I took a picture!

ok its a fake wan...LOL

well...bare with my pictures below as they were taken inside the bus...cant really show you how nice the buildings actually are

To one point we all really cant bare with sitting in the bus most of the time...HELLO..we paid more than RM100 for the tour and what we got was just sitting in the bus?!!?!?

So...we requested the tour guide to let us visit this when we see this place..he die die also gotta let us go ok..cause we quite insist to go down!

I bet you will do the same, if you see something like this!

damn nice kan! its on the lake!!

At nite we went back to the same place to have our dinner and this time we decided to order for our own instead of sharing~

quiet and peaceful night for me...and yea its our last night in Sri Lanka...and yes we have to wake up at 5am to go to

I will continue the post :D

Actually not much also, just we are going back to KL that's all :D enjoy the pics

sky of the day....still I prefer night sky :)

Hm..been writing quite a few travel first I thought to write something else..but check back my pictures...I guess I will have to continue to blog about my trips for the next few might be boring for me la but might not be boring for you..cause for the next few posts I have pretty gals!!! handsome guys!!! and beautiful places like  Sipadan and four season hotel etc!!!! so STAY TUNE!!!


Josheen Ma said...

Nice trip sweetie <3

vOon said...

thanks dear :)