Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Places I have not been for so long - Cameron Highland and Penang

 Yea yea~ it’s travelling post again, or I should say posts? This will be quite a long one as the shooting was long too, took almost 2 weeks. But we all enjoyed, from totally strangers, to a gang that always miss each other…lovely people~

To be frank am not really fancy to go travel. The main reason is because I have Vestibular Vertigo, I think so la, so in another word, I have motion sickness. Once I travel for long I really need to sleep if not I think I will feel nauseas.

Example for the first day we went to Cameron Highland. GOSH! That’s my worst nightmare because the first time even I can remember I vomited very seriously was when I travelled to Cameron Highlands. But the last time I went, I’m totally good, no car sick no nothing, thanks to NOVOMIN. Not trying to do advert here but so far that’s the best pills I taken so far, for my motion sickness.

Like this time, I ate 2 tablets. While on our way to Cameron Highlands I can felt that we had a crazy driver although I was sleeping. It’s sort of like half sleep…if he don’t drive that ‘gang ho’ I can sure that I will be in sleeping mode.

I forgot Cameron Highland was THAT cold!

Somehow, I survived! We reached mossy forest! I think this is the first time to be here although I’ve went to Cameron Highland so many times. It was so cold (raining somemore) but the place was awesome!! Its so beautiful that I don’t mind wearing sleeveless beautiful dress and have a photo-shoot here :D

After the shooting, we headed to Penang..PENANG!!! it’s been more than 15 years that I didn’t visit Penang already. Going there this time was like a whole new place and experience for me.

hardly see this in KL...

Penang Bridge!!!

omg I really love the sky!!

We reached Penang at night and we were arranged to stayed in Sunway Hotel which located at 33, New Lane (off Macalister Road). If you are at Penang, you definitely would not want to eat hotel food. But DAMN! The stalls outside our hotel were mostly closed L so we have to eat hotel food. Seriously the food sucks -.-

So we all just cin cai makan abit, then we went to 1st Avenue Concourse. We tought was quite near but ended up we took more than 20 minutes walk to that shopping complex. Nevermind, cause we saw chatime!!! Definitely gotta get one~ and we were so happy cause that is the best thing that we consumed on that day..thank God.

the ever so sweet and beautiful luxanne~

and the ever so perfect Chuckei!

Nothing much to do during that night, we just head off to sleep as another day will be a long long day~~ so stay tune my lovelies~

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