Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sri Lanka Trip Day 2

It's our 2nd day in Sri Lanka and so far so good~

2nd day will be quite pack as we were brought to few place.

First place we went is the Spice Garden.

Well, fromt the name obviously you know its a place to plan the spices right...

So we had a local who can speak English to tour us the garden and introduce the spices and ingredients 

my favorite..vanilla!

that guy showed us how to use the hair removal cream...

these are all the 'weapons' which they demonstrated to us


doin face message..

yay~ so this is the place where we all kena tipu money~

I might sounds sarcastic to u..but seriously I am very pissed. I felt that I am so stupid but cant blame! I mean takkan all of us also stupid right! I just felt so ...kena corn gao gao ahhh!!! all their products we...I mean I bought really not working at all!

I just bought 2 is the 'magical' hair removal cream, another one is lemon.

Yes, they said until the hair removal cream macam 天上有地下无。 Use 1st time, after 3 weeks the hair only starting to grow, 2nd time after few months...then after use 3rd time never..or hardly grow anymore..BULL SHIT!

THE FACT IS - its just work the same as other hair removal cream products.

How about the lemon juice..they said its pure lemon..BULL SHIT also...I quite often drink pure lemon juice...I made it by using real lemon and just add abit honey so I know how a real lemon taste like. This is like -.- so plactic...I am not joking, taste so fake. They said its pure original but I dont think so lo! also PAID JOR!! FINE! just to remind you all IF you happened to go Sri Lanka, just beware of allthese places..yes, dont think is only this..I think all places also the same wan

I wonder why my skin looks so fair and smooth here..hahaha

I also wonder why guys like to wear my hat -.-

Its time to see some elephants~~

foreigner and local got so big diff on the entrance fees -.-

the crowd ~

the elephants~~~~~~~~~~~ big one and small one

we somehow dont go near the elephants

Firstly, they are HUGE...and quite scary. There's few minutes the elephants gone crazy, they made alot of noise and ran around...imagine how dangerous as there's no fence no anything for our secure.

2nd...they got those workers there, while you stand near the elephants, they will offer to take pictures for you. DO NOT LET THEM DO SO!!! cause you NEED to pay them after they help you take pictures..this is how it work at many places, as long there's attraction and they help you take pictures. Dont thought you can runaway, you cant.

wow...5 'legs'...LOL

the river where the elephants '洗白白'

this elephant asking for food

after seeing all the elephants...its time to see some non animal stuff

After all the activities, we went back to hotel...and its our free n easy time~

I love how beautiful the sky is with the beach

its just me or its real..that the sky here really look different

even the wave its stronger and bigger...we cant even stand still to take pics, luckily my heroin Tan Chen Chen hold me..

its not easy to get this pic lo..haha

Actually the beach very nice wan, just got some annoying local sell their seashells force u to buy like tat...I just want to be alone!! -.-

This is a must go place !! on the first day when we reached Sri Lanka, the people from first group already asked us to go

you can choose to be on the ground, or on the sand

the food!!

this is our favorite! goreng pisang and ice cream! its really nice cause even I dont eat goreng pisang wan I also love to eat this

along the road~

we went back to hotel around 10...its still early for I just walked around and actually went to one of my favorite spot to be in the hotel..and guess what

CHOCO WAS THERE TO TEMAN ME~ so cute and adorable la~~~

so lovely kan~~

then few of us just chit chat the whole nite...cant wait for the next day cause I cant wait for the day to go home~ :p

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