Friday, December 02, 2011

Korea Day 4 - A day to relax

Today its more to a relaxing day, instead of rushing here and there~ we only planned to go 3 places which is Hanok Village in the morning, Seoul Land in the afternoon and Hangnang river at night.

While we are on the way to Hanok Village, there's this cute little coffee shop...a cute place and nice coffee to start my morning~~

This is the place, where they talked about the history of hanok village..look so pro! they have it in few languages like Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

on the way...

still on the way...this was what happened when u need a map while the wind is big

still on the way....are we there yet?

nice house!!! are we there yet???

oh yea...we passby the school that winter sonata used to filmed their drama..but we came from the opposite side..meant we only saw this after we passby the school -.-

So..are we there yet?!?!   WHAT?!?!?!? that's about it?!?!! that's hanok village?! erm...I hope its our mistake and I believe it is...I still dont think that Hanok Village its just about passing by some old school houses, climbing up the roads, or some...I dont know...well well well..that's our morning...its time for SEOUL LAND!

When you see know what does that mean?!

its picnic time!! did u got it right?

some kimbap and some junk food...

nom nom nom

We are in heaven ..again~

what's better than lying down after makan and have these scenes infront of us?!!?

cam-whore time again~

the leaves is bigger than my face!

amazing photos taken by lovely poh chee~

OK!! its time to get up and walk around..

seriously we didnt went in..LOL...cause we dont really like the roller coaster stuff so its kinda waste money for us la

but some thing that we die die also will take...its the CABLE CAR!!!! although its 5k won..its worth it!!!!!

Are you ready for the pictures?!?!

isnt it lovely???!!?

we just cant lower down our voice for the first few minutes cause its really toooooo beautiful!!

it still look great even its out of focus!

cam-whore lots of pics just to get the sunlight behind me..and

tadaaaa~~ I got it!

haha, I find this pic funny...Im not trying to act cute or posing, its just nice to cover the sun to shine on my face...and GOSH...since when my hand its almost bigger than my face?!

3 of us ......

Ok I know most of my pictures are just the cable car and the scene and the sun..but I just think its beautiful and none of the picture look the same at all..right?!!? right?! right...

Okok...enough of some gorgeous evening scenes...lets see some floating buildings on the river!

Here we are at hangang river!

we decided to have our dinner there..just because we dont wanna miss to see the LED light show on the birdge...heard they started from 7.30pm and one show will be perform every half hour to 1 hour

we waited for...3 FREAKING HOURS!!!!!!!!!! but nothing came out!!?!?! NOTHING!! and its freezing last at 10pm, we gave up..mana tau when we passby some sign board, it stated that the birdge show will be stop operating starting from 1st Nov until 2012 March...WTH -.- exactly the day we went..1st November...WHY?!?!??!

We were quite pissed la..but cant do anything also...and overall its been a great night for us. Although there's no LED light show, but we shared our little secrets and chit chat for tat few hours..LOL...

Great night for us! hope it will be a good night for you  : D


CleverMunkey ® said...

ahhh it's autumn... so nice!!!

FiSh said...

the scenery :DD awesome!


vOon said...

clever munkey - yes!! I love autumn so much now! more than winter liao..haha

FiSh - *like* ur comment..haha