Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Korea Day 5 - eat, walk, eat

 Arghh..been so busy lately >.<  I neglected my blog..feel so sorry and guilty for my readers

For those been waiting to see my korea pics...no worries! just 3 more posts my korea trip's post will come to an end..so mm seh tak..

Well ya...so its my 5th day in Korea...today also quite relaxing...we woke up around 11something...to take our lunch

tried their mcd pork burger...actually not tat nice only, I prefer Thailand's mcd!

and she makan noodle...at this shop which is actually famous of their meat..but they dont sell that during lunch >.<

then we went to changdeok gung..

after this palace...we decided not to go any more palace..cause all look almost the same..or maybe because we went to the best on the first day...hm..

After we finish walking around the palace, there's a place I went, which I think is better than I go to palace..

It's a cafe named - Paris Baguette

Well some of you will know why do I love it...hehe

Just because of the eiffel tower...hahaahaha...

This cafe its almost everywhere in Korea, its nothing special for some people but it always will be special for me!! How I wish they will open a branch here! or as many as they want!

love the coffee!!

then we go to the very famous - Namsan tower...aka N-seoul tower

so happy~ 

wanted to take pic with the patung..suddenly a kid walked over..so cute~~she waved back to me when I waved to her

actually we are at paris!!!

LOL..ok Im just joking...its not even the N-seoul tower...but I love the view!!!

eiffel tower eiffel tower...it is eiffel tower *imagining* I should just crop and paste the eiffel tower photo here,haha

Oh, I think I forgot to mention this is the love padlocks paradise...lovely kan? not only for couples but family and friends actually had their their love message wrote on the padlocks...Korea really a romantic place

another couple-T spotted! we so bad purposely pretend to take picture of ourselves


Ok, this is the real N-seoul tower

but I still prefer this 'fake' eiffel tower..haha

after spending more than 1 hour up there~ its time to meet up with my Korea friend~~

take a nice nite view first!

we're on the way down~

my very NAISSSSS friend brought us to this place where they can grill seafood!
yea..very special kan...we always grilled beef, lamb, chicken or pork but never try before...and thanks to poh chee too because she cant eat meats so my friend thought of this place...a really good experience!

yummy yummy~

we had a great night!!

and two more posts to go!! stay tune~~


BenjaminVai said...

Okaaaay, your first two picture already killed my stomach. oooo.

the trip looks good! very tempting post i oso wan go korea !

Henry Tan said...

the place so nice! the patung so cute! haha no wonder ppl likes to go korea!

Glo-w~* said...

I want to visit korea! but hubbie dun like coz my ex from there lols....did you buy beauty masks? its supposedly darn cheap and they give you a lot of samples! <333

vOon said...

Benjamin - lol~ mcd here oso got la..hehe..seriously u shud go Korea, but can considerate to visit Korea during Autumn or Winter..best is autumn~

Henry - yea...I think best suites very romantic couples..

Glow - hehehe...tell ur hubbie its very very romantic in Korea, u 2 can be so lovey dovey there~ yea I bought some masks coz its so cheap! n ya~ got lots of samples..hahaha