Thursday, December 29, 2011

Korea Day 8 - Goodbye~

Instead of writing those resolution for a new year, I think I should just finish my KOREA POST first!

Yes, this is the last post of my Korea trip, so mm seh tak~ just like I mm seh tak 2011...its been a good year overall

Ok, back to Korea post first...

Since its the last day in Korea, we wanna go places that we wanna go

like this! Coffine Gurunaru! just because coffine that word, I wanna try !

Seriously its so hard to order stuff in Korea due to language barrier. They are good enough that they have people who can speak..mostly Japanese? haha...yes Japanese! then English and Chinese.

Why do I said so? these period in Korea, I've been treated like a Japanese..wherever I went, they spoke Japanese to me.. guess they see by our make up, my make up is kua jiong - er than koreans, hahaha..or maybe hair? I dont know..coz my fren she dont wear much make up they also thought she's

Anyway...ya the waitress talk to me in Korean first, I said sorry I dont understand and just shake head..then another waitress talked to me in Japanese -.- boh bian I guess they meant they will send the food over as they didnt serve us any food at the counter when we pay...

while waiting...

this is our breakfast! bacon salad...damn nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and my

This is apple flavour..I dont know what they called it d..but I think this cafe its quite famous of their toast

When we almost finish eating, we only realize that..they have seats at the rooftop! damn nice can! so we die die also stayed for a while..haha

Since its our last day in Korea, Poh Chee's Korean friend - Miru invited us to his house and cooked us lunch!

damn nice gals~ maybe we can consider about Korean guys...haha

After the lunch..3 of us lepak at the park around...

we all so mm seh tak each other  >.< choooooooo~~~~~~~~

Its around 8something at night after we said goodbye and we go to airport after pack our stuff...

Overall, I really love this trip so much especially with my lovely colleague cutie poh chee~ we had so much fun the whole trip, lots of laughter and joy! and save alot of money too~ hehehe..

ohya...for the whole Korea trip, I only spent 2k - 2.5k. budget trip!! right? hahaha..if you wanna know any information just leave me a comment..I would love to help u

At the very end of this post...just wanna wish all my lovely readers~ a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! have fun and enjoy your countdown! *hugzzzzzz*


benjamin foo said...

you look like korean girl why u no stay there and join kpop girl band =).

twitter : @benjaminvai

would like to know how much u spend in total. really 2.5k oni? so nice

vOon said...

lol! thanks I hope so too man but I am too old la...hahaha

yeap...included shopping and makan..

benjamin foo said...

where got too old wan?

daily leng lui some more. haha

benjamin foo said...

my friend oso told me its the same amount, did u hit the clubs?