Thursday, December 22, 2011

Korea Day 7 - Dreamland

GOSH~~ so sad :( this is sort of like the last post of my Korea trip, although its the 2nd last post but its the last post you can see such beautiful places and pictures d~

Does this picture look like those professional photographer took punya pics? can do wallpaper kan ??

I took wan *very proud* LOL..seriously thanks to the view and some photoshoped...I really love the end result of the picture!

This is Hanuel park...before you can see such nice padi...u need to climb the stairs

and this is the stairs...................

Im not joking! and we did! serious almost out of breath -.-

I wonder why they love stairs so much! its everywhere omg -.- no wonder I heard people said that Korea ladies can wear heels to hiking, I wont feel surprise anymore

But its really worth it...

this is the Olympic park

and the lovely couple...LOL..Im just joking..

lonely me *sob sob*

OK..lets enjoy some beautiful pictures~

padlock again...Koreans are so romantic~

happy happy~~

damn..washroom in the park also can be so nice...can out public toilet be this nice ah?

Oh, guess what...we need to walk a BIG BIG circle, to walk back to the carpark -.-

and walk down this stairs -.-

wah..lots of walking for today..after the park..we went to Cheonggyecheon because they having Lantern Festival!!

damn beautiful can!

My fren said this is actually the longkang river lo...but why they can make it so nice wan >.<

Since its the last night staying in Korea...its time to drink,drank,drunk~~

since its the last night there...I must drink as well (although I dont really drink alcohol)

I think all of us are quite 'drunk' d..haha

Next post will be bye bye post d ~~~ if you've been following my Korea posts...must not miss it yo !!

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benjamin foo said...

wow. so pretty la. the bird houses are so cute!

Merry Christmas!