Thursday, April 02, 2009

怎么说 To say...






Now I know that, having to be a nice person is very difficult, I guess to be a pretended nice person will be better, since they all will think is actually the same.

Not trying to say that I’m great or something, just…purely want people to be happy, especially when the situations involve with me. Maybe I am pessimistic enough, so I don’t hope there will be more.

But I realize they don’t feel or think so. Some might think that you treat them good so that can get some benefits from them, some will think that you are so stupid, and then take advantage, some even don’t care at all.

I always thinking, why do I make myself to situate in this position now, for what? Ohya…just hope they are happy. But…human are greedy, when you treat them good, they will take advantage, or didn’t even notice that you are treating them good, OR even think that I’m suppose to treat them good cause that’s what I am from the beginning. So when you slightly think for yourself, they will not be happy or satisfy with you behavior.

Was wondering, what should I do? When will it end?

I…am very tired of allthese…

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