Sunday, April 12, 2009

what is trendy all the time

Today, another gal said wanna diet again. I was wondering, in this world, how many woman will be saying this word in 1 day. Should be damn lots, I think everyone know.
Well, no offense to those ppl are trying to lose weight, diet or something, cause I AM as well. DUH, like I said wat, other than those gals like skinny like aneroxic wan or gals that think they are skinny, which gal doesn’t say themselves are fat or they wanna lose weight, they wanna diet.

I really wonder why “I WAN TO LOSE WEIGHT” this word will often come out from a ladies. I ask myself many times, but I don’t have the answer. I just somehow think I am fat. Well let’s see how to prove that u are really fat. Ok, I shouldn’t say fat here, I should say chubby, meaty, or not skinny (slim).

- When people indirectly saying u r fat (don’t be so sensitive sometimes)

- When u said u are chubby and no one say ‘U R NOT’, then u r. But of course 
depends which kind of frens u have (which u never know) some might say, 
HELLO, u r not fat at all but in their heart they will think, go go, makan 
more then u will become fatter than me (U GUYS NEVER KNOW HOW SOME GALS CAN 
BE TAT BITCHY, maybe they also don’t know cause it a ‘born talent’ in them, 
they will think its nothing/normal)
- When people SERIOUSLY SCOLD U because u saying tat u r fat (but if u said 
that often, then too bad la, cause its quite irritating).

- When u take pics with ur frens, u seems to be the fattest there (DEPENDS ON 
SITUATION e.g not with skinny gals, the right angle bla blab la)

Actually what I trying to say is that, there aren’t really any PROVE that u r chubby. Of course there are, but mostly is depends on urself. Some people are fat, I mean…ya…FAT…but they still live happily. I really wonder when I can become like that. But I don’t think so I want to be in another way. I always have this thought in my head…try to imagine a skinny/slim lady is trying every food on the desk (which maybe only like 3-5 dishes), then imagine a fat lady doing it. I don’t know what u think, but for me I think they look like very ‘tam sik’, and yes…I felt that I look like that cause I just love to eat..damn it. Then yesterday I ask my bf to imagine when I am fat and I doing those like little kids like to do…neh..u can see a lot those kinds of behavior in those HK movies or comedy when they trying to smear the lady character in the movie. But I am someone that damn care how people think or look at me PLUS I am a very sensitive and serious person ( boring kan I know). Anyway…I also don’t know what I’m saying d.

For me, I think the best way is that, ask properly to urself, how skinny u wan to be. For me, serious, I don’t want to be skinny, I just wan to be skinnier than what I am now. Don’t laff or scold ok, I’m kinda meaty now I know, what do u expect when ur family punya gene is like tat, plus didn’t do exercise, plus eat a lot,plus………(hana hana, I know lots of excuse), hahaha. Nevermind, I know myself and I don’t need to know what u r saying, enuff of people nagging by using their point of view d…very sien wan loh.

Back to topic, so…I also don’t know what conclusion I want. I guess, as I mentioned just now loh, its better for u to find out that how skinny u wan to be, no matter what, too much its not good. If u wanna diet, eat less but not don’t eat at all, that will make u get skinny faster, but also get back or even fatter faster. 
Here I go…to lose weight…sien sien sien..also don’t know when I will get to my ideal weight.

At here I also wanna share some of picssss...hahaha...from skinny to fat...then fat...fat...fat!!

This is the prom nite...when I was 17...I really cant believe I can ate 7 large slices of pizza at that time;spaghetti+roast chicken+cheese least 2 1/2 bowl of rice per cant I have tat appetite n tat body now T_T

Actually when I found this pic I kinda terkejut...I mean...kinda skinny prefer fatter abit bit...on the body la..hahaha

Why I will put this pic is because that was the skinniest time in my life...waist only 21.5inch!! cause fever 1 week whole body also also no more lemak n lose weight...which is kinda..unhealthy

Luckily went to take those studio pics...when I was size I wanted :p

hai....I so love this pic..I mean this body size...hai........

then started to get abit fatter d dunno why(year 2006)...maybe grow older d so digest also slow d? hahaha

still...year 2006...getting fatter again liao

taken by a photographer fren before I leave Msia to study in Australia...LUCKILY..cause

this is the 1st few days when I reached Melbourne.....BUTTTTT..when I came back to Msia around Oct...this is how fat I am


luckily Msia is hot enuff so I dont feel like eating tat

this is after 3-4 months...but after 1 month of this pic..I went back to Aus again...

did I look fatter this time? hm...not that serious like last time I guess..

No loh...I think...still that fat...


cut short hair look more fat...but maybe balance abit..not like last time...head looks bigger while the body was so small

hm....hopefully I become skinnier....46kg here I come!!!


&dcowjumpOverdmoon said...

trust me, u look much better now..more lady like!! :) and guys definitely digg ladies not peadiatrics! :)

vOon said...

haha...I know...I mean what guys like and what gals like its not the same loh :p

Am@n3 said...

last time you also tell me that you are fat lor..
now you say you like that body.

vOon said...

oopssy..kena tangkap...hahahaha...of coz wat..u n lee fern they all so skinny...I said my arms n tights fat ma...hahaha

yann said...

hahaha... see... gals never satisfy la..

vOon said...

because we aim for higher goal ma...hahaha...not good meh like tat :p wont say never 1 stand we wil satisfy...

Yung said...

You are so pretty and the looks always change:D

vOon said...

thanks yung :D