Monday, April 27, 2009

No point

Well…hell yea..its been a LONG while I didn’t get to update my blog T_T

Maybe is because I don’t know what to post d? seriously nothing much to write…I mean..I do have a lot of things to write..but those are like…those things I’ve posted quite often lately…not so commercialize la..haha…cause of confidence prob..although memang don’t have d la..but lately worst…or should said since I started to work or this few months (mean since started work loh)…ok..copywriter talking to herself again (copywriters punya syntomp :p )

See…again…I don’t know how to write d…all the sequences are like so luen sui…actually I did tried a lot of in…I’ve writing a post..when I write till half…then I change to another topic…then write till half, change to another topic again…again…and again…then end up just post up something that I have already wrote last time yang haven’t post wan…

I haven’t got the reason yet…that why..I become like that…maybe I trying to tell in this post that…what is the transition of me before and after work.
I guess I really changed a lot…I heard a lot…comments of me that I have change after work. To be frank, of course I don’t feel that I have change although I felt that I have change..haha..stupid sentences again. Ok, I really felt that I have change..change to someone that is more outgoing. Although deep inside my heart I still think that I am the old me inside me.

From the very beginning, when I get to work in media prima, I really felt that God really treat me not bad cause It gave me something I wanted. I remember when I am looking for jobs, I am asking people around me whether I should apply jobs in big company or the small ones. ‘ying cuo yang ca’, I get to work in media prima, the copywriter for OneFM.

Copywriter, this position…actually I really didn’t imagine before, last time I used to think that…wow…this position seems like so high up for me, cause I still think that scriptwriter are not as ‘geng’ as copywriter I just don’t know why. Even I have work as a copywriter for few months, I still feel that I have not anyone la.

Until that day, my copywriter colleague said something. We were chatting while smoking…then she said:” Voon, u should be proud cause you are the 1st copywriter for OneFM’ I was like…hm…yahor..haha…but..aiya..that might only be the best thing to say out while interviewing for another job cause can ask for higher pay…hahaha.
Don’t know whether I can put it like this anot, but…I really like…Last time I use to have a lot of things in my mind wan,like..whatever things…and I think a lot. Now…don’t know izit like very follow clients requirement, so is like I only do what people ask me to..just like my life la..I see people face to become a person wan…not to say fake…but sometimes is just like..easier to live on.

Done with my job part, now is my transition :p

Well, to be frank again…I really love this company..people here are all very nice…although I don’t know what’s happening behind la, but…what do u expect…at least they are nice n real infront. Not to say I want to praise them or whatsoever. I know, and I’ve heard too how people comment their colleagues, in this company or outside of this company..saying that this is your 1st job..u haven’t know how complicated the working industry are…seriously…I don’t really mind lo..I mean…if the hurdles really come d…then just face it la…no people’s life are perfect, so everyone have diff kind of attitude, people want to treat u bad u oso cant do much…ok..I know I am out of topic again…

So..yea…people here are very nice and CRAZY..working here…doenst feel like working at all…so actually not much stress…of course la..working kind of stress still got..but luckily…I have a good senior again…work where my senior also very nice wan..wuahaha…*feeling lucky*

But 1 thing I worry is that…I might give the wrong image for my colleagues…
1st image is that..I am not that crazy loh..I became so sot its because those people I hang out are those most funny and crazy in the company wan…everyone know them, they know everyone…then everyone loves them…so when get along too much with them, takkan still quiet quiet geh, plus I’ve trained myself to be more outgoin in Australia d, so nowadays I became more outgoing and more sot la

this kind of soh things dunno do how many times in public d...

2nd image…hm…this image I guess always happen…bitch? Hao po? I mean, HELLO…I am not a pretty gal or whatsoever, I don’t have nice body either or wear very very sexy…I just like to …make myself looks better…at least dress nice and tidy la..with light make up cause I don’t want people ask me I got enuff sleep anot..I know my face la…although no pimples or oily..but the dark circle and skin tone not even and yellowish make ppl felt that I have not enuff sleep..yup..this is an excuse for myself cause I want to look nice..hahaha…back to topic…hao po ah…hai…sien d la..just because we get along ..maybe too well with guys…then we are the bitch…I am also not that open minded that whoever guys can get close to me..but I am sure some of you gals also have this situations rite…we are tomboy…so we become buddy with those guys..they don’t even treat us like a gal or something…this so called tomboy thingy been following me since primary skool till now..sometimes its just so easy to talk with guys…cause they are not sensitive at all…I am a gal so I know, but yet I am very straight forward, so I very often say the wrong things which make me feel so guilty…so talk to guys really very nice cause no need care bout words..hahaha..but…hai…this image…what I can do is avoid, but like I said, if that person don’t like u sure talk bad bout u loh no matter what u do. So what I can do know is be back myself..this is the thing I felt that I have change, last time I used to explain for myself…EVERY SINGLE TIME, but now no more…lazy and tired to explain d…u wan think what then think la…

But overall, I really like my job now…although I don’t know how long and how far I can go..but at least for now I have no regrets…hopefully everything will be fine ler along the way :p

Connie's birthday :p

How bout you guys? Do u love ur job?


1st person on moon said...

i think that tea ice in tht giant cup is really yuckie lo coz so many people put their straws in to suck & release the drink to & fro!! :)

vOon said...

haha...I am sure u never have this experience be4...we not drink like tat wan la..the waiter will give us glasses wan