Tuesday, June 30, 2009


No free meals but free DURIANS!!! where to find such a good company by giving you free durians?!?! also mangosteen and rambutans

Our company get to gathered and eat durians...one of my favorite fruit. After yesterday, guess all my colleagues know that 'I love durians' its a fact, and manybe in the future once they saw DURIAN they will think of me...hahaha

This is what happened...we all gathered at 4.30, straight makan...non-stop makaning especially me n Jane. for durian lovers, u all should know when u see a durian, no matter its very yellowish or more to milky, as long it seems very nice to eat, u will wan to try it!! dont u agree? that happened to us, so I guess we end up ate like...maybe around 50 biji of durians? we should have join the eat durians competition that they held T_T

at last we decided to sit on the floor...cause its easier to open those durians

like this...mmg tak care image dah

call us the DURIAN QUEEN...wuahaha

need to have a good shit this few days for allthese durians...feel so fat now T_T

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