Tuesday, September 01, 2009

customer service nowadays

Sorry guys, if you are not interested in complains, you shall not continue reading this post. BUT frankly speaking, I don’t like complains too. Actually its not complain la, its more to commenting on the customer service nowadays.

I’m not sure it’s coincidence, or this problem its getting worst nowadays, while I am listening to ONEfm morning kaki this morning, Jeff had a topic on talking about the customer service nowadays too.

Since me myself work as a retailer before, I do know how they actually feel when we met some customer are really hard to serve, but cannot deny that there are very nice customers too. As I said I know how they feel and SOME of them works really hard (some work hard just because of getting more commission, which have no wrong la, cause who don’t wanna earn more) but are they suppose to show their fucking asshole face if the customer leave without buying anything (although didn’t ask much), aren’t their jobs is to serve the customer good? But not showing those faces? Sometimes I just feel so pity for their bosses by having this kind of workers.

So I am here to post there are few places of their promoters. I wont wanna complain the shop because its not that their product are not good but their promoters. I’ll just use example of yesterday first then, cause its sucks the whole day.

I will always remember this girl from M.A.C. Yup, this brand considered a brand that majority of the girls love to use, although it is abit pricy for some and affordable for some, their product..no doubt its good, and that is why I far far also go mid valley, thought wanna ‘bong chan’. I was looking for concealer, so this ‘malay’ girl (which I heard my friend said can speak Cantonese) asked me what I am looking for, so I said concealer, then she intro me the liquid type…then I know that I am not interested in the liquid want, so I said thanks, I’ll look around first. Then after I look around, without asking her anything…and even purposely said THANKS to her while I’m leaving, guess what, she stared at me OMG…wtf of service is that? I feel so stupid by thanking her, but its ok I don’t want to be as the same level as her.

Seriously I kinda pity the mid valley branch. I’m not sure about the other branch, but when I walked in, they are taking pictures there while there are customers in the shop. But that should be ok la cause maybe they have events going on or what.

Next goes to Isetan in The Garden. Seriously I wonder whether they are educated to serve customers. I mean…BURBERRY…ok…my fault, I should have remember that those branded place punya promoters usually look down on people, but if you want look down on people then talk behind la, not judge then telling how you feel by your eyes and expression infront of the customers kan, if people can buy LV, then she can afford to buy your BURBERRY purse, or maybe she’s a BURBERRY die heart fan that don’t like to see other people use other brand’s stuff and masuk the shop, who knows…

Hai…there are more…but I guess its time to give some credits to those are damn nice. The girl I will remember forever its from Laniege (1utama branch). LOVELY…I remember me and my fren didn’t put on make up whatsoever, dress so damn cin cai, but the way she served us are superb, we didn’t even buy anything but she still thanks us and greet us nicely. Best service award for sure I will give her. Another will be the girl from SASA (cineleisure = ecurve). Some of you gals should know that how SASA girls actually promote their stuff (the more expensive you buy the more commission they got, common sense la). So this skinny gal with single eyelid wan kinda good, she wont like die die approach you to buy exi stuff, she will get what you need, and by your budget…doesn’t that sounds good?! even the indian guy that works in the nasi lemak mamak stall are better than those people works in those high class place, what happen to them? Dear bosses, please educate your promoters. They are there to help you earn money, not chase money away.

Not saying that we don’t have the money, it’s whether those things worth our money or not. Yes, even in Malaysianbabes forum have this topic. I totally agree where some stuff are affordable or cheaper (not cheap), but the quality it’s even better than those expensive one. PLUS, what for I go those places where they treat people like shit, I rather go Watson to have those lovely promoters providing you the basket with a big smile on face and a nice frenly tone, or some promoters there will even do demo for you by using the product, at the end of the day, you get what you want…happily, aren’t those are the way of shopping?

What we want are just satisfaction, not discrimination.


dreamydolls said...

hahahahahhahaha.. what to do.. my LV is fake geh la.. LoL

vOon said...

ask them eat shit la...if urs is fake...then how bout others..mean all oso buy fake loh..