Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cotton On now in MALAYSIA!!

yes !! cotton on its here!! did I just said COTTON ON??? YES I DID!!! weeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sorry for getting so excited about cotton on but I've waited for so long already!! 2 yrs ago, Singapore also got I was thinking when will be our turn..n at last...I found it in Sunway Pyramid! thank God I went to Sunway Pyramid..dont know why this few weeks I've got the urge to go...wuahaha

I almost plan to buy stuff from Forever 21 (one of my fav place to shop in sunway), still their price is more expensive than cotton as usual, I continue to window shopping...when I enter cotton on which I still dont know its Cotton On yet...I was like...wait...why this shop look exactly like cotton on?? (cause cotton on and Jay Jay's are my favorite places to shop while I was in Melbourne) then I saw the label on the shoes..I was like..cheh..Rubi...but I still dont bliv it...coz the shop just look exactly like Cotton On! Suddenly I remember their shoes mmg not same label with thier dress I saw one of the shirt...ITS COTTON ON!!!!!!

I feel soooooooooo excited, quickly I grabbed few shirts which are the same color (love the color too) and went to the fitting room, with a black high waist skirt...

I try it on...

love it!

Their tops always that long..I still wonder why, maybe as we all know average westerns has longer body, but still u can style it in 2 ways :D

tuck it out... preferably with a skirt which with softer material

or tuck it in...match perfectly with high waist skirt!! too bad their cutting its kinda low cut...not suitable to wear to work T_T

Anyway...I bought d...the top are 2 for RM50! I took the color I tried and another which is grey...remember they have 2 different cutting. One is round neck cutting and 1 is v neck cutting. I chose the V neck one coz tat will make us look slimmer :) oh..and the skirt is RM45 :D

peeps that same as me which miss cotton on alot...COTTON ON IS HERE !!!!!

ppl that doesnt know cotton on...GIVE IT A TRY!!

its at the same floor with Forever 21 but opposite row which near the escalator.

my colleague just told me 1u oso got!! didnt know...will find out and let u guys know :D

go COTTON ON!! yayyyyy


farhana said...

voon, we have it at OU too.. so u can go there everyday laaa during lunch hour. yay! haha :D

vOon said...

serious ah?? die loh...too long didnt shop in 1u d :p hehehe..thanks for telling me!!

PanDa <3 Dek Thai said...

aww thats so cute that you like cotton on that much ^^ i just finished work from there tonight lol =] Is it busy there??

vOon said...

haha Panda...thanks for saying me cute thou :p haha...u mean work from cotton on or 1u or sunway?

Anonymous said...

u r so q...amazing...i can find out ur blog when i google search abt cotton on ...i like photo shoot oso..hope can b net fren wif msn is gal....

vOon said...


thanks :p now i read back I found tat i'm kinda too excited bout it..haha :p

anyway...I added u d :)

Anonymous said...

yaya...can feel it...u r too excited...wakaka....10s for adding....i will go cotton on walk around 1st...wakaka

vOon said...

ohya, for 1utama shopping centre. The cotton on its at the 1st floor, rite outside parkson...:p