Monday, January 03, 2011

Good Year 2011 know...normally the very first post in the very new year, we will somehow talked about what happened last year...especially~~~COUNTDOWN~~

Actually I've just been to a very very normal and boring one, doesn't sounds happening like what I wrote just now :p

So yea, on 31st December 2010, I went for countdown, same like others. Before that I had my dinner with my family and my lovely brandon~

and this naughty boy really very funny...

and he just dun care when he's playing and he just stay inside his own world...its ok, this is how pisces behave, I totally understand..
after that I accompanied he watched Elmo, which I love it too. I think I even more excited than him and sing along those songs while watching...then we both dance together somemore..hahaha

Ok, after all that craziness with little brandon..I'm off to 1utama for fireworks~

so empty~~ we find it weird

 and guess what...1Utama didnt held any concert !!! can u believe that?!?!?!? cause I dont!!

he dont believe as well so he showing this face..wuahaha

am waiting for fireworks

and he secretly shoot this pic n said he wanna do teenagers do punya things, which I will say 'romantic'. so romantic punya thing he said teenagers behavior -.-  sometimes I'm really speechless 

and at last!!~~~~

nice fireworks rite!!!! hope u guys enjoy it and thanks to THE CURVE! yes the curve and there's nothing from 1utama. IM SERIOUS. NOTHING...just maybe some stupid small fireworks by maybe the security or something...seriously what happen to 1Utama? can someone tell me please? usual right after the fireworks...RUN! cause u wont wanna stuck in the jam..

but since nowadays so many ppl have iphone, blackberry or digi cam...why not camwhore while stuck in the jam...better than being frustrated and complain right :) you never know what u'll get..

example like this pic!!! is it a good start? he look so skinny here on the very first pic of the this a sign? hahaha

Yes, this was taken during day time..mean it's 1st January 2011~ had dinner with my besties at my favorite place Kim Gary...and we showing off our earrings we just bought

Love my outfit~

then we hang out our favorite place to sing k recently - Teo Heng at Sunway Giza

 yes it sounds very the 'lou tou', but seriously it's worth it..we sang for 4 hours that day and we only pay 35 per person~ and the sound system its good too~

had fun hang out with my besties~~

Good day! Good Start! Good Year~~~

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