Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everybody looks good in Cheongsam

Well dont you agree with my title : D I really feel that everyone look good in cheongsam, does not matter whether you are tall, short, skinny or fat..but of course la if you look like Maggi Cheung or Zhang Ziyi in 2046 the movie, you should thanks to your parents for giving you that everything...but like what I said, its not the physical but the mental...the thing you need to have when you are wearing cheongsam, it's confidence!

and in this photoshoot, obviously we are wearing cheongsam...but I dont know how should I categorize the pictures, so I might just do it by the location, part by part right :)

and am not gonna write much, cause cheongsam pics its very depends on the body language and face expression...so 'read' that ..hehe

oh..we did it at the abdondoned house...can see from the background rite..

I have no sense of direction but my friend said it's along the road to Changkat...I guess its not hard to find la cause it's just beside the road..haha
so as usual...I will also represent you our sexy pretty gal from our photoshoot...Emeryn Wong...

just the place you see from the pictures, we've took pictures there for like more than 2 hours...at the same place, then we only used like half to 1 hour to take more pictures further (along the road)
But dont forget...we still have another sexy wong here~~

and me :D but not the sexy one yea...

this pic..like triangle love..hahaha

photographer geng, can make my flat face till so 3D

this is my favorite picture in this photoshoot cause I think that's what I trying to meant, the body language and the face expression..also not to forget the moment that been captured.....I did cropped and edited the pictures, if the picture was taken in this then that will be perfect! :p

more pics to come...3-4 more locations to go and I promise 'sexy' pictures will be present to you~~~

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