Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pretty woman walking...

Hehe, it's back to the post of our photo shoot again.

This time, it's all about walking and multi shots, which is one of the thing I learnt in this photoshoot.

Multi-shots it's actually the first time I tried in the photo shoot. It can be easy, it can be hard too. Because with multi-shots function, it is easier to capture your prettiest moment, yet it can capture your ugliest moment..haha

Let's see some photos first...

Seriously, I love the end result of all the walking pictures of us. and I got this compliment from Hui Wen saying that I took those walking pics till very natural...wuahaha...of course I'm darn happy cause it's my first time trying to take this kind of photos too...and this is one of the new thing I learnt in this photo shoot..let me share with you gals now shall we :)

1st - always look at the floor first 
No matter you tilt your head from left to right, or up to down whichever direction. Just dont look at the camera at first...but remember, it's multi shots so please give some expressions on your face example a smile :)

2nd - pose or look at the camera
At this point, you can look at the camera. Remember, imagine everything is in slow motion so the camera can capture you clearer.

3rd - look away from camera again

Yea, the last step actually same as the first step.

So, the whole thing is. Act natural, look away from camera. Then look at the camera, and you can pose or just purely looking at the camera. Lastly look away from camera again. Your ending direction can be same or opposite of the direction you started...

and that's all ~~~ just smile all the way yeaaa..or be emo all the way...hehe

from back...



These pictures were shoot while we are walking..natural and nice I like it :)

AND group shot its a must!!

look like 'fu tai' (rich aunty) lepak-ing with 2 daughters..hahaha

to look more natural...we asked Hui Wen to say something just to make us laugh

and seems like she did it again~~LOL

we really laugh like hell tat time..

weee~~ didnt know group shots can be so fun and easy!!

I guess this is the last post for this photo shoot. Next time you might be seeing us in CHEONGSAM...tadaaaa~~ hehe..hope u guys enjoy our pictures...till then :)

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