Monday, August 01, 2011

My Beauty Diary

There's something so good and so lovely that I really wanna share!! so I will interrupt the 'travelling post' for a while and to share this to my lovely female readers~

我的美丽日记 - My Beauty Diary Mask. I believe many of you had heard this brand before. They are very famous with their masks. But today I am going to introduce something new...very very new from them.

ta daaaaa~~~~~~~~~~

come on~~ by seeing u think u can resist??? most of us cant! not only me was attracted by the products but many of the ladies out there too..the stall was quite packed shall I start introduce the product one by one?

Firstly is the cleanser. They have 2 choices for this, green is for dry skin and pink is for oily skin. Green color have aloevera and green apple smell, while the pink color one have strawberry! I actually feel like getting the pink one although I dont have oily skin

then the make up remover...gosh I still have so many make up remover out there but I just cant wait to use this!! oh, this product they named is peach soda. Got peach smell but not very strong ba, oil and water but you actually wont feel the oily oil~

Last but not least...VANILLA SOUFFLE  face scrub. you see it right, its vanilla souffle and you know I just so obsessed with VANILLA~~~

So, let me start with removing my make up by using this (just this time I promise! then I will finish all my make up remover first :p)

with make up on

the cotton bud I used for only half of my face...its so clean!!

no more make up! very clean right?!?!?!

Let me share some of my review on this make up remover.
To be frank Im a very lazy person. Many make up artists told me not to rub my eyes, use the nicest way to remove my eye make up but I never do. Cause I've been using waterproof Maybelline Mascara and I always draw inner eyeliner, it is very hard to remove my make up. So far Im using DHC cause its something like Shu Uemera, you just need to use the make up remover and wipe your face. I've tried many others, biore make my eyes feel pain. But this!! I really cant believe that it can remove my make up so easily and so clean!! I would not lie that I will still rub my eyes, but its just a while, and I didnt rub it hard like how I usually do. I will rate this 9/10!

Next will be the cleanser. I love this so much cause they have this small spoon inside. I just dont like using my fingers to grab the cleaner cause those will just stuck in my fingernails.

this portion is enough for the whole face. Just put it on your palm and put a little bit of the water, wash your face like usual. You feel clean~ and the thing I love about this is I dont feel my face is pulling and I dont feel dry after I used it, not like some other facial wash that makes you feel dry and dry and dry after washing your face.

Last step, is the vanilla souffle face scrub. This is actually more than enough for the whole face.

Put it on your face, draw circle on your face for around 1 minute, slowly you can see all the dirts are coming out

Wash it and you will feel your skin like silk!!!!

this is the left side of my face, which I've did the scrub (PS NO PHOTOSHOP AT ALL) but ignore my pimple la ok

this is the right side which I have not use the facial scrub. Its not as silky thou.

Seriously, I go and touch my face after a while. Damn soft and silky like baby skin!!!! I am so happy so I wanted to share with you all ASAP.

Go and grab it now! the stall is located at 1utama, just right outside hangten. only RM128, you might even win something for yourself (I won 6 pieces of chocolate masks and RM5 voucher).

You can see this is not an ad, no one pay me to do so. I just wanna share.
YEA~ I think starting from today, I will be a save money blogger. HAHA...I mean since I am quite famous of being a kiam siap girl, but I still love to be pretty and love to pamper myself~ in a cheaper way.

Hopefully I can share my tips on where to get cheap but nice clothes, bags, skin cares etc.expensive doesnt mean you will definitely looks good, sometimes with inexpensive stuff you can still look absolutely gorgeous~ so stay tune!!


Xue Ren said...

thx for sharing! :)

Isaac Tan said...

smooth like silk.. and as the saying goes, as smooth as a baby's bottom :)

Henry Tan said...

nice! that's very good of u to share the info even they are not paying u a single cent! lol

vOon said...

Xue Ren - no prob :) hope it helps

Isaac - hahaha..yes!

Henry - sharing is caring :D I just love to share good things with everyone

Hilda Milda™ said...

Really good effect! but RM128 is a bit pricey for me T_T

vOon said...

Hilda Milda - dear..RM128 is for tat 3 products which is scrub, makeup remover and cleaner. scrub is the thing tat I feel my face so smooth after using it...but I dont know how much for just only tat product..u can search for it...I dont think will be 128 the scrub only use 1-2 times a week..can use very long..smell very nice oso :D

Qi Wen said...

Woots, thanks for sharing. I'm facial products freak as well. I bought so many even the current one isn't half yet! haha, found someone sharing the common interest and craze now :)

vOon said...

Qi Wen - me too have lots stuff stock in 'somewhere' but still I cant resist something so cute n adorable like this..haha