Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cameron trip

at last!!! so many probs nowadays..actually got alot of things can post I still owe the previous post the pics...then cameron trip...or if I wan, I can put the paintball game I attended 2 weeks ago...but because of my pc kena virus...then gotta reformat...then internet got prob, cant use the wireless..( I fixed d BY MYSELF ) hahaha..ok..pai seh pai seh...:p..

anyway..yea.continue with the probs...during the trip..shud say when on the way bf lost my cable for my camera :(....till now my fren havent search I cant post those pics from my camera wan only can post some pics first from others cameras....

so now lets start with the first day of my cameron trip...when we reach already around we straight go to their market to buy some corns and vege for our bbq dinner...

we bought quite many things also...especially advice to people who go cameran's market to buy...I not sure whether is like this anot la..cause when we reach there...they already bought some corns..10 is for our bbq wan...another 20 M.L buy for her frens and colleagues wan..which is RM10 for 7. Cause I forget d, so I go back and buy when almost the end of that trip. Mana tau, is RM10 for 10. So I was thinking izit because they closing soon. But is another stall la, but the corn still as nice..hehe

so we also try out the home made ice cream there..that wan I will talk more about it after the video is out...hehehe...but just 1 sentence la...not all very nice wan...better eat the strawberry ice-stick...nicest among all..but is ok la, all only RM1...consider very cheap d ler.

So after buy our stuff...we go back to our hostel..omggg...yen told my bf I go ask him what she said..he just told me maybe dont want bbq n stuff..I feel so weird loh..cause takkan suddenly like that wan ma, at last we also got bbq la. So the next day, my bf only told me, actually got graveyard behind the place we stay...they dont want tell us cause she know we will scared...LUCKILY she really didnt tell loh..cause we really will scared..but when just enter the apartment not long, also got some feeling d...weird feeling..doesnt really feel good.. day...we wake up around 6 something IN THE MORNING!! thought want to watch sun rise...but...haha...when we all preparing that time the sun also rise d we go strawberry park first loh...the aunty there said those strawberries seed are from U.S woh, thats why very big...n if want sweet strawberries, look for those is very dark red wan..then because of the honey also...we get along very well with the aunty..haha (can see from the video that going to show later).

pic taken at the the sunlight behind..hehe

we are so lovely...wuahahhahaha the strawberry park plucking strawberries d

one of the typical pose to pose in Cameron...with the flower..haha

the stawberry even bigger than her eye, means really big d

trying to be stupid..hahaha

this pic was taken at another side of the it

pic taken before with the owner before we leave

Next station we go Boh Tea farm..really a must go place...especially to have tea up there...the scenery are soooooo nice...n relaxing...then we go to Gunung Brinchang..which is the highest mountain in Cameron Highland. On the way, the view are very nice as well, but too bad ler..when we reach there, it's raining d :( yet...we did saw some awesome scenerywhen we stop by some places.

at this place is really dunno how to explain...wherever and whenever u take pic...all pics are just soooo nice...I mean the scenery la..somehow it affect ur mood so then u will get some nice pics of u as well :)

after seeing my baby face n baby fat of this pic...I know why people said I look like 15... T.T

'I'm the King of the world'~~~ oopsss..shud be 'We are the Queen of the world~~'

It's time for lunch, we eat steamboat, but didnt plan to eat too much cause will having desserts later.

The desserts we having is near the place we have lunch, the shop called Strawberry moments...most of the food there are nice...but my fren said the strawberry chocolate look nice only, doesnt really taste nice. We try the strawberry strudel, white choc with dried strawberry inside with ice creams, choc fountain with strawberries, n strawberries pie. This few are really nice.

see this menu fren said the one at the left not so nice wan...the rite wan...we lovely!! we even continue eating with the chocolate without anything...hahaha...

But one thing I very du lan, because I love the white choc dries strawberry thing after I tried, so I bought a box which they sell beside the cafe. Damn it loh, when I came home and not white chocolate!!!!!!! so people that wanna buy the chocolates there..I mean I dunno others la, but so far for that specific product, please becareful. Make sure u get the right one..but I dunno how can we do that cause its in a bag wan, I dont think they will allow u to open it.

this is how the packaging look like

But overall, is a nice trip...really a nice think more than 10 yrs!!more than 10yrs d didnt go to Cameron Highland...haha..oh yea...the motion sickness pill really a good one, if not I cant reach there without feeling bad n without vomitting d :p

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