Friday, July 18, 2008 be continue

to celebrate my dear bring me to have a dinner at Curve...oo..paiseh...I forgot what's the name..actually this post I just 'fu hin' write la...cause tomorrow goin cameron d now still havent pack :( PLUS my laptop got VIRUS cause my bro download something....#@%#*^%!*#%^*%@*#%^&!...damn pissed while also doesnt really have mood to post

so maybe around monday la...I will back to this post n 'upgrade' it...hehe...

haha..okok..after so long...I am going to post some pics of the restaurant I mention..Bubba Gump..then I will intro some food..actually only 2 la..but I dont remember the name d :(

their service very cute loh...u see this 'Run Forrest Run' thingy to be use when u dont need they serve if u wan to order ur food d or any service u wan from them, then u gotta fold it to behind, the sign of 'Stop Forrest Stop' will appear...kinda cute loh..haha

obviously I know this is a dish with Salmon...I say this cause I dont know the name laaa..hahaha...just in case u cant regonize loh :p but the rice is very very nice with the sauce they made

ok...I know its my wrong ok...I dunno the name of this...but is one of their recommended food with the small sign beside just try ur luck n choose one if u interested of tryin this..hahaha..okok..I know I'm bull shitting..anyway..this is really nice..its not like the usual creamy kind of lagsana..the sauce of this is more like abit bit sour wan..but its nice...with lotsss of prawnssss..ohya...forgot to mention..this restaurant is famous of shrimp to order a shrimp dish is a bf ordered the salmon wan cause he's allergic to shrimp

ok..its just a random pic after the dinner...which is at my room...showing off my wall...mana tau can see the flaws down there..hahaha...anyone got any idea ah how to cover those other than buying the same paint color to paint?

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