Sunday, July 27, 2008


if people got follow my blog..then u guys will remember I had a post about the sister to say leh...its kinda like mix feeling on that...

I mean..recently my sis has move back to stay(dunno till when) cause still having probs with her husband. Mix feeling is that...something has proved that what people told me before (there will be jealousy among gals although she's ur sis)...but on the other hand..I feel like home...cause the very original of my home, there are 7 of us. But my grandmother passed away at the same year my sis get married (although she already stay with the husband for like dunno how many yrs) so now I feel like home, and yet there are 7 of us, which is my nephew..hahaha.
Other than that, I feel closer to her, dunno izit because when some people facing probs, usually people will change to another type of person, either worst or better. Plus...our house is always the best place to head to, and our family is always the one that will care us. So maybe she facing this prob now is not totally a bad thing for her to have some changes in her life although she still got her weaknesses, people is perfect wan ler..just hopefully everything will be ok...although I hope to have the 'original' family members, but will have to day...

Bo smiling!! hahaha

so he give me a kiss cause he know I like it..wuaahaha


like a caterpillar

caterpillar son n caterpillar mummy with their stripies...haha..mmg caterpillar

caterpillar n butterfly (my nick in me n my frens production


in sunway pyramid sakau sushi..kinda like the surrounding

this is a nice dish..pai seh la I always didnt remember the name...but is chicken cheezy thing..its very very nice...actually this portion is just nice for 2 people (if is not very very hungry la) it might seems little la, but seriously just nice. the chicken is like so crispy, then u still can taste abit of the hangus actully the heavy cheese taste wont take over the whole dish

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