Sunday, July 13, 2008

Singapore trip

this few days went to S'pore, yea..its quite a sudden trip..coz supposing we planned to go on Monday (7th July), but my dad say tues he goin to Bangkok for work d, so wait till another week 1st, but my bro dont care d, cause now still got mega sales there ma..he wan buy PSP. So tues we only plan to go on we went on wed d loh cause got tickets ma

we took First Coach, they recently got the this service, I mean can watch some movies, but quite outdate d ler those movies

the remote control at the hand rest there. I dont really like it, cause hor very easy kena touch on that. Like there is 1 time I watching a show I paused d, then i sit back at the place I tertekan something then they rewind it..not good not good
I love this pic soooo much...cause mommy so cute..hahaha
then is solo pic la..I know la look dull..coz no make up ma..lazy...haha

we reach there d..we stay at my grandma's plaece 1st we thought very hard to get taxi, mana tau like 1 minutes only after we get down from the bus we got taxi d. in the car, me and my bro was thinking..shit man..will it be expensive anot oh..camry wohc (cause we saw other more 'beh' punya taxi lah..mean the car not so nice wan)...then waste of worrying mom said last time she took the one with my father wan more class woh..haha.
my bro lc got he can sit in the camry taxi..hahaha
after we get down from the taxi

actually in this trip...I have alot of thougts between human...upper class and lower class those..but now lazy to write la..I prefer to make it another article to write more details about that..haha

then the next day we went Orchard road, wanted to buy PSP n Nintendo DS ma. Aiya, I dont want to mention about it d la...cause regret buying there..I mean almost same price at here and or more expensive abit loh..but suen la..pass d..I in Orchard road more expensive ma, but wanted to shopping there also ma, my bro wanted to go those branded I think Orchard road got more choices also it loh..lesson learnt!
near Takashimaya shopping centre. years ago took pic at the same place before
took pic with grandma

the following day we also went there, cause the gadgets we bought in Lucky Plaza got probs, but actually is someting we dont know...lazy to explain after solve the prob..we shopping looo...actually my bro is the one who get most stuff loh..cause I really cannot la..Firstly, I'm not really the shopping type, I am more like those aim what to buy d only I went to Zara (and others as well), I saw so many girls queueing....I sien d...then I just told my bro, u shop la, I sien d..hai...

anyway...that day we went to our aunty place to stay cause not convinience for my grandma's place d...they brought us to a seafood restaurant to have dinner...soooooo nice...hahaha..ate something me and my family never eat before...too bad no photos..pai seh to take..hahaha..ohyea..the first time I met my cousins those...I mean after soooo many years la, I understand why those elders always like to say :"wah, u grow so tall d ah; wah, u look so different" Cause I got totally the same feeling when I saw both of them, especially the younger one, cause the last time I saw her is like few years old only, now also 13 yrs old d loh, is really like totally different person...the elder one, look the same la, but grow taller loh, haha.
my bro is posing two thumbs up, is because he said this is his dream car..

It's VolksWagen Gold GTI, my aunt's punya car
Of course I also wanna take la, but sien d keep on accidentally took this pic quite nice...haha

Then the next day (last day) in the morning then we ciao back to KL ler, overall..quite a nice trip la, but like I said loh, after this trip I got quite alot of wait next time I write the article bout it loh..hehe
pic taken with my mom before the bus leave S'pore

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