Monday, December 21, 2009

Manila Trip Day 1 - long long day Part 1

first day in Manila its really a very very long day for least for me :p why? this is our schedule on that day...firstly, our flight was at 1.20am, reach Manila at 4 something

abit excited la when can see church although we are not christian

But me and SY thought that, no matter how big and nice is his house, we will not be interested cause we will be exhausted and need to sleep! but we were wrong...

what reaction will you have when you see these?

so we all keep on take pics d...even the owner of the house took with us cause got his gf ma..haha..and he never take pics at his own house be4 oso

around 6 something...the breakfast were prepared and we makan :D

this is pork, taste sweet, they kinda like it

I love this, cause it's garlic rice!

and the ikan bilis, but this is like soooooo crispy, and not so salty..not sure whether thats the way they do it or the maid can make it so nice la

 n SY got the excitement on our sleepy face rite..haha

Gavin! the first dog I ever met, which is sooooo shy

the view from the dining area upstairs

'their' room..*evil grin*

me n SY room

the view from our room

So we had our lunch at this place - mesa

which located at Green Belt

Suddenly we saw this

cutenya!! hold hands somemore..reminds me of my childhood

its around 2 something, and we only slept like 3 hours...thought we slept enough? then we have to thanks to the make up..haha

wah....still so long to go man...

guess which wan is mango flavor? wuahaha

so I will post again another part at the next post, cause I can foresee this will be a damn damn damn long post if I continue...let's us 'yan xiong' pics in this post first..till then :D

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