Wednesday, December 02, 2009

8 cups of coffee can?

8 cups of water a day, keep our life healthy all the way…

Ya ya…I know that…I don’t know since when, people starting to force me to drink as much water as I can. People who is close to me knew that..and ya I always kena force by my bfs to drink much much much water!

Let’s start with why I don’t drink alotsss of water. Actually I used to be a gal that drink lots of water, as in like a very very full cup of water, almost every hour..ok..that might be abit kua jiong, but confirm more than 10 a day. So why is this drastic change in me,

become like…maybe only total of 2 cups water per week? YES…itstotal of 2 cups water per week.Also, I don’t drink warm water, I only drink cold or not so warm water, included beverages.

I know a lot of people will think that I’m finding excuses to not drink warm water…but seriously…when I drink warm water, as in not so cold that kind, my throat feels like burning…I AM NOT LYING! At first I was thinking maybe I drink too much cold water so I cant drink warm water anymore…but nowadays I drink hot coffee, and I don’t feel so…still finding out the reason why…T_T

The only warm (hot) drinks I do drink is tea…and soup..hahaha.

Oh..sorry, out of topic. So the reason why I become so is because I kena said I go to toilet too often. Not only by one but by most of the people. I most remember there was this scene when I was in the prom, still at the age of 17…this person said :’wah, why u go toilet so often wan’…also of course my gang oso got say be4..u know who u r..haahahahahah :p

Ya, so as someone that is so self conscious, of course I mind wat…so from tat day on, I also not dare to drink tat much of water d, and there must be something to ganti my drinking habit. Until today that something will not be water, it used to be ice lemon tea, for years d…now it’s the ais. COFFEE of course cannot be left out, but luckily I cut down d. during holiday I used to drink like…at least 2 cups per day. Now only one in the morning…but water oso la, maybe because start working d, so I cannot drink too much of unhealthy drink 24/7 rite, and they have cold water here, so I got drink at least 3 cups a day..averagely 5 cups..*saying me k* ahahahahah

What’s the point and conclusion of writing this post, well I don’t know…maybe just want to tell people that…if u see me often go toilet, bare with dad said ITS HEALTHY..its true…drink more water, even shit oso easier…skin oso nicer can!

So good luck la to people that doesn’t drink water much (cheers to myself too)…gambatteh!

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