Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Libra and Scorpion

Its time for our horoscopes thingy again after a while.

This is a cute one, for Libra. I dont really know much about libra as I dont have any significant libra frens...but from my research I found out that they actually are the peaceful kinda person. Like trying to fulfill everyone's need and understand them as well.

Of course another significant personality we know about Lirbra its balances. Maybe that's why they are good in social because they trying to make everyone happy and being fulfilled at the same time

Guy : Left or right (somehow its showing the balancing for both side)

Gal : I’min a hurry

Guy : Choose a side

Gal : Left

And she saw the DIAMOND RING! The she stone d

Guy : let’s get marry

then she terkejut…

When the guy try to pull her up…she notice that there’s another DIAMOND RING on the righthand!!

P.S its touch not because of the 2 diamond rings but that guy is so well-conceived!

Gal : So both are mine?

Guy : but you just left just now

Gal : Do you know I can sue you for bribery

Guy : Then do you know I can sue you for your corruption

Then they hug…awwww..Don’t say Libra, I also cant reject a well-conceived and romantic proposal like this..hehehe..but I also LOVE the proposal of Aquarius

Then here comes the Scorpion. This is a dangerous horoscope actually..but only if u guys dak zui them la.haahahah. Cause they confirm let u die gao gao…especially guys. If u happened to dump ur gf, and she happened to be a scriopion..dont blame or get scared when she revenge, cause they will. But of course, something good about them is, sometimes when they really love you, they break for a reason. Examples like they actually wanted to be with you, but maybe because of some reason that they don’t want to hurt you, they rather tell lies and make themselves looks bad and let u hate them, they also wont tell the truth.

For this video, hm…I understand the point la, but I don’t understand the point of doing this. And at the end of this its looks more like a soft porn like what other commentsof the video. I thought somehow I will like this cause scorpion its one of the horoscopes with the element of water (same like Pisces),but.yeaa..I don’t really like this video thou

Guy : Did you hear something?

Gal : What?

Guy : Don’t you hear that?

Gal : What

Then the guy like trying to listen again..tat gal get abit impatient and nervous I guess

Gal : What izit la

Guy : Ok!I got it…it says

*look at the gal

Guy : let’s get marry

Gal : *speechless*


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